'Quest for Adventure Cruise Ship' - Africa's Undiscovered Coast


Capital of Ghana

Still life with fish, Accra beach

Fishermen Accra beach

Accra beach


Woman carrying goods in Lome,

the capital city of Togo

Sanguera Village

Blessing from the chief

Sanguera Village

Traditional ritual

Dancing as part of the Voodoo ceremony

Voodoo is an ancient religion,

practiced by 30 million people in west Africa

Togolese dancers

Dancer at the port


Street vendor in Contonou,

the largest city in Benin

Women at Albomey Calavi,

on the edge of Lake Nokove

Woman carrying goods

Lake Nokove

Tofinu women taking fish to market

from the fisheries of Ganvie Village

House on stilts

Ganvie Village

The Tofinu people have been living here since the 1700s


Rain forest of Sao Tome'

Houses on the Banana Plantation

in the heart of the island

Plantation worker - Sao Tome'

Child - Sao Tome'

Plantation worker - Sao Tome'

Sao Tome' houses

Banana plantation


Luanda City

Re-emerging after decades of civil war (1975-2002),

the tourist industry is very small

The Old Iron Palace - Luanda City

designed by Gustav Eiffel

San Miguel Fort

Sculpture at the Anthropological Museum

Marginal Bay - Commercial part of city

Colonial Buildings

An area due for an upgrade


Walvis Bay - gateway to the desert landscape

86 year old Damara chief

Traditional Herero dress

Learning about local herbal medicines

Decorations outside the herbalist home


Mondessa Township

32,000 people

Hair salon

Kolmonskop - now a ghost town in the Namib desert.

It was the biggest of the diamond towns and became the company

headquarters of the Consolidated Diamond Mines of South West Africa Ltd