'Quest for Adventure cruise ship' - The Cape of Africa


Wine Estate Stellenbosch

The slave bell

Table Mountain - Cape Town

Table Mountain

Lunch at a privately owned wine estate

Stellenbosch wine area

View from Table Mountain

View from Table Mountain


Khaya La Bantu

Xhosa girl

Unmarried Xhosa girls

Xhosa boy

Xhosa girls pounding millet

Xhosa house

The chief of the village



(regenerating from past wars and conflicts)

Maputo train station

Built in 1910 by Gustav Eiffel

Street corner - Maputo

Maputo train station

Fish market - Maputo

Fish market - Maputo

Local market - Maputo

Street market - Maputo

Park - Maputo


Damazula Cultural Village.

The only Zulu tourist village to be opened by King Goodwill Zwellthini

Zulu warrior

Zulu girl

Zulu woman

Zulu warrior


Tala Game Reserve

Hidden in the Kwa Zulu-Natal hills

Port Elizabeth

Route 67

Sculpture trail to commemorate the 67 years Nelson Mandela devoted to public life.

Route 67

Nelson Mandela Quote

Freedom Dance

Voting line

Detail - Voting line

Voting line

Voting line

Nelson Mandela

End of the Voting Line

Voting line

Pre-dinner dancing

'Quest for Adventure'