Julia studied fine art at Dartington College of Arts and at the Bristol School of Art.

She is a practising artist and qualified art teacher with over 20 years' experience in Art Education, gaining an 'Outstanding' rating from Ofsted for classroom teaching.

In 2007 she started to live a creative life away from the art room: combining her love of art and travel, she became part of 'Adventure Cruising', teaching water colour painting on the ships 'Spirit of Adventure' and 'Quest for Adventure', visiting many fascinating places including the Borobudur Temple in Central Java, the Mayan sites in Central America and the Mondessa Township in Namibia.

It was on the ships that Julia discovered the enjoyment she has in teaching adults, and she continues to teach workshops in her two favourite places:

the Verrocchio Art Centre, Tuscany and the Drawing School at the RWA, Bristol.

Julia has been visiting the Verrocchio Art Centre annually since 2007 and, although her work is deeply rooted in the human form, she has found this Tuscan environment to be a visually exciting place that gives her the opportunity to develop her feel for light and colour.

Throughout her artistic career Julia has worked consistently and extensively with life models from Bristol and her Drawings from Life have been exhibited in galleries in the South West of England, London, The RWA, Bristol and nationally at the 'Affordable Art Fairs'.

In 2013 Julia became an Artist Network member of The Royal West of England Academy.