My technique is called impasto. My paintings are created to catch the light. As the day changes so do the paintings. 
I'm an abstract artist creating works that evolve.

My name is Jocelyn Lewisham. I am a New Zealander living in Dubai with my family.

I have been successfully exhibiting in Dubai since 2011.

 My works breathe emotion and feeling. Much of my art is now inspired by my new homeland and is dominated by local and Arabian themes. My style is diverse and my use of acrylic medium is proving to be popular. I find great fulfilment and enjoy the emotional connection and appreciation from across the diverse community I now live in. My works are being sought and enjoyed by many.

I am thrilled to now have my work 'At the Top of the World! in the Sky Boutique of the Burj Khalifa's exclusive Sky Lounge.

Despite always being creative I began painting and drawing seriously in the mid 90s. For several years I had my own gallery where I sold the majority of my work. I had a 10 year break during which time I spent raising a family and running my husband’s business. Moving to the UAE has given me the time and inspiration to paint again. Now it is almost an obsession and my art is pouring out of me. For the most part with my art I am trying to paint a feeling. Therefore using texture and abstract styles to reach for a connection. 

I am very proud that my works are now being appreciated in homes and places all over the world. My work seems to have a wide ranging appeal and is suited to both residential and commercial spaces. Commissions from repeat customers are particularly rewarding. 

On a charitable note. - Images of 5 pieces from the ‘Dubai Life’ Collection have been gifted to the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs to use for their 2014 Greeting card fund raising project.  Please visit their site and support .

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Thank you for taking the time to view my art!