Welcome to the Bose Lab at Washington University in St. Louis!

Our lab studies microbial metabolisms and their influence on biogeochemical cycling using an interdisciplinary approach. We apply the knowledge we gain to generate new ways of addressing issues such as the energy crisis, pollution, biofouling and sustainability.

Latest Lab News!!!

June 2018 - Congrats to Wei for her wedding celebration in China! We miss you!

                   - Arpita is featured in the DBBS faculty spotlight!

                   - Welcome Gateway Science Summer Program students! May you have a fun summer in my lab Omar!

                   - Congrats to Mike Guzman for being selected to give a talk at the Microbial Stress Response Gordon Research Conference!

May 2018 - Welcome all summer students! We look forward to another fun summer in the Bose lab!
                -  Stay-tuned for exciting new papers from the Bose lab as pre-prints soon!

April 2018 - Arpita presents for the Washington University Undergraduate Prospects!

                 - Go Plant and Microbial Biosciences program! We have such an amazing class this year! We would love to recruit 2 graduate students this year!

                 - We have an early summer graduation party for Bryan! Bryan continues for a year in our lab as a technician! Congrats Bryan!

March 2018 - Our bioremediation research sponsors, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico come for an awesome field visit. The best part of Spring so far! Go "Inter"!!! 

                    - Arpita goes to D. C. for a Office of Naval Research meeting!

                    - Arpita presents Dinesh and Michael's research at the ACS General Meeting in New Orleans!

                    - Dinesh presents for PMB lunch!

                    - Arpita presents Dinesh and Michael's research at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater!

                    - Congrats to Karthik on the acceptance of his paper!

February 2018  - Mike presents his interesting and exciting data for PMB lunch! 

January 2018 - Happy New Year! The year starts with the Faculty Retreat on January 5th! 

                       - Arpita presents at the Army Research Office PI meeting!
                       - First class! Check!

                       - Flu oh terrible flu! Be safe everyone!

                       - Thank you to Rajesh Singh for delivering the "Introduction to Geomicrobiology" lecture for Bio 349! The students loved you Rajesh! 

                       - Lily Tang joins the Bose lab as its first freshman undergrad! Welcome Lily! We love your enthusiasm and hope that it is infectious!

December 2017 - This year the Bose - Blodgett lab holiday party is at the Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park! Food is from Shawarma King! Hope to see everyone from our labs there!

                           - Please join us for Bioforum this Friday, Dec. 1st to hear about the cool research done by the post-docs Rajesh and Karthik!!!! McDonnell Hall 362! Be there or be square!

                           - The enrollment for Bio 349: Fundamentals in Microbiology has nearly doubled for this Spring from 50 (the previous cap) to 81 students!!!! Go microbes!!! We can't wait to teach it this Spring!

November 2017 - Check out our newest pre-prints on BioRxiv!

                           - Arpita gives a talk about the lab's research at the Biotechnology Institute, University of Minnesota! 

October 2017 - The Bose lab to receive an Army Research Office Grant and a Collaboration Initiation Grant for their research! Yippee!

                       - Wei, Mike and Dinesh present their research at the PMB retreat!

                       - Congratulations Rajesh and Mike for acceptance of their paper to Frontiers in Microbiology!

                       - Congrats to Dinesh for acceptance of his thesis proposal!

September 2017 - The Gateway Science Academy of St. Louis and WUSTL partnership is featured by the Source and the Record!

                            - Welcome Josh Kim and Kevin Johnson! Let's do some cool science this semester!

                            -  Proud to be a part of an exciting new DOE funded project on methanogens!
                            - Honored to be a recipient of the @LorealUSA For Women in Science 2017 Changing the Face of #STEM grant!

August 2017 - Arpita gives a talk at the Microbial Diversity course in Woods Hole, MA!

July 2017  - Goodbye Chris and Jose! See you next summer!

June 2017 - Welcome summer students Jose, Chris and Prerna! 

                  - Thanks to L'Oreal and AAAS for their generous support to the Gateway Science Summer program! We really appreciate your help in making the dreams of St. Louis Inner City high-school students come true!

                  - Congrats to Karthik on acceptance of his paper to Biotechnology Advances!

May 2017 - Arpita talks about microbes for Ultracondensed!

April 2017 - Arpita presents at the 253rd ACS Meeting in the Geochemistry Division!

                 - Arpita is featured in The Record!

March 2017 - Rajesh and Karthik present at the Postdoc Symposium!

                    - Beau submits his senior thesis! Woohoo!

                    - Beau gets into Emory School of Medicine for his MD! Congrats Beau! We will miss you!

February 2017 - Congrats to Mike on approval of his thesis proposal!

January 2017 - Happy New Year! Congrats to Tahina on his marriage!

                       - The Bose lab welcomes PMB rotation student Virginia Johnson!

                       - Congrats to Dinesh for passing his Qualifying Examination with flying colors!

                       - Congrats to Michael on the acceptance of his first paper!

                       - Congrats to Wei for passing her Thesis Proposal Defense with flying colors!