The Gateway Science Summer Program

Welcome to the Gateway Science Summer Program!

This is a unique partnership between the Gateway Science Academy of St. Louis, a public charter school, and Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Biology. The program was pioneered by three assistant professors, Arpita Bose, Josh Blodgett and Hani Zaher of the Department of Biology, WUSTL in 2017 along with Vice-principal Mustafa Icel of the Gateway Science Academy of St. Louis (

The program is geared to help students from the inner St. Louis area to have the same opportunities as the students from other parts of St. Louis city and St. Louis county. The program gives students of diverse backgrounds an exposure to what it feels like to work is a "real STEM lab".

In the first year, the program recruited three amazing students Jose Acosta, Abigail Nagl and Agni Deeljore. The students worked as paid employees for 6 weeks in the Bose, Blodgett and Zaher labs, respectively. Initial financial support came from the St. Louis city.

This same year, L'Oreal USA and AAAS recognized this program and gave us further funding via a Changing the Face of STEM mentorship grant to L'Oreal fellow, Arpita Bose.

The program continues this year with three new students, Omer Ozkaya, Tyler Ludwig and Veli Aktas.

High school interns from Gateway Science Academy with their Arts & Sciences biology faculty mentors. (From left) Arpita Bose; students Jose Acosta and Agni Deeljore; Hani Zaher, Joshua Blodgett and student Abigail Nagl. (Credit: Erin Gerrity)