My VMware related blogs

This is now my main blog. If I write something in my other, more focused blogs, I also put a reference blog post here. It also works if I publish anything outside of my domains ( comes to mind) - this was a good idea/request from my good friend @az_ny. This blog is done with free Github Pages and Hugo.

This is a VMware-focused blog to help others with tips and "gotchas" I have learned from experience.

I work in IT. I enjoy working with computers. When I learn something and I think it's cool and useful, I put it here, in case it can help at a later time - and frequently, just helps me again! There's mostly VMware, although I'd like to think it's general IT topics.

This blog takes you on my journey in learning what virtualizing the network means; how do you learn about it, how can you practice what you learn, and how it is applied in the real world. Heavily oriented to VMware NSX but open to whatever comes.

On Blogging

Part of being a VMware administrator is sometimes looking in Google for help. Apart from the great KBs and documentation, the vCommunity has lots of great bloggers that have saved my butt numerous times.

If you are starting out as a VMware admin, I do suggest you blog about what you learn. Blogging is fun and VMware is a perfect product for it. You will need a little software to do meaningful tutorials - either VMware Workstation or a home lab running ESXi works great. Even making a blog of how you set up your lab is itself a lot of fun ... hopefully I can make a section about this in the future here :)

On what to blog; blog about whatever you think will be useful, even if you think it's only useful to yourself. It's typical for me to go looking at one of my posts (for example this one) when I can't recall something but I blogged about it. 

However you will find that if it was useful for you, it's going to be useful for someone else. I'm always pleasantly surprised when someone leaves me a comment saying one of my posts helped them! Just writing the ideas and converting thought to words makes you a better professional - I've never heard anyone say that keeping a VMware blog has not been worth it!

Blogging Strategy

Looking back and thinking of my overall "blogging strategy", I started timidly in my general purpose blog, and soon decided that since I was going to do VMware related posts, why not have a specific blog that was VMware focused? In fact, why not do specific blogs for other things, and try to keep each focused in just one general topic? After all, a basic blog is free and easy to setup!

...I'm still unsure if this was the best strategy. It's a pain to manage separate blogs, because sometimes you will get asked "what's your blog" and none of them individually is as good as all of them together. It's also difficult to keep them all up to date if your day job keeps you busy like mine does :D One other pain point is that I have to configure a unique RSS feed from all my VMWare blogs to send to the v12n syndication process. In the end my solution is but I think just having one blog is a better idea.

Blogging Ethics

As you saw above, so far I have 3 blogs dedicated to VMware. My new post cycle is whenever I'm working on something related to them that could be turned into a post. So far I've kept to two simple rules:

There are many good blogs, and writing each one of those takes time - if you find someone's post useful, let them know, they'll really appreciate it! By the same token, don't just copy paste someone else's blog post; even if you are ultimately doing a service such as translating it, you should always let people know who the original author is and put a link to their original content. There is a nice movement called that brings up some other good points that everyone should follow :)

If I can help you get started with blogging in any way, don't hesitate to reach out on twitter.