How to get better

I think there are some base things we can do to get better, no matter what we do. As I find them, I'll put them here.


Words are the tools that allow you to communicate with others. As such, having more words (vocabulary), and knowing how to use them (grammar) is important. Attaining a minimum base level should not stop you from improving your command of language.

It is also important to understand the difference between the written word and a conversation. There are typing conventions that will change the intonation of written word (such as the italics I've just used).

I find that reading and engaging in different communication formats allow us to improve our use of language and overall communication effectiveness. Writing to family is different than writing formally; teaching peers in a large room is different than teaching a child.

Values and Manners

Man is born a blank canvas, but some primordial feelings guide us, even if we receive no education. Following these feelings and understanding them, we have created (over time) laws, values and manners that allow us to co-exist and thrive as a society.

Values are important. Integrity and honesty are necessary to create trust. Courage and candor are necessary to confront tough situations. Selflessness and positivism make better teamwork. Prudence and objectiveness let us see things as they are.

Manners allow happiness and peace. Saying "please" and "thank you" makes a big difference when dealing with others. The Golden Rule is still for me the best and shortest explanation of the impact of manners.

We can always improve our understanding of manners and values, and adopt better habits.

Understand Why

In your daily labor, you should understand what you are trying to achieve and why. If you use a tool, you should understand why this tool and not others. 

The secret of a life well lived is the mental empowerment of choosing to pursue achievements we believe are worthy. The human brain is a wonderful machine and is virtually limitless as long as you put in the effort to understand.

Love conquers all

Humans need love, in many shapes. Love itself is dynamic - it's change is as inevitable as time. Our understanding, focus and scope of love can also improve with time. 

Love, in truth, is the most rewarding feeling mankind has. It is a source of motivation, a vehicle for forgiveness and compassion, a link between mankind. Improve your love as well.