I was diagnosed diabetic at age 33 - due to unhealthy habits. I've documented my errors and my experience changing my ways in my blog itadminhealth.com. We humans tell stories chronologically (as it happened) but blogs show recent entries first, which makes my story very confusing to a new reader.

I may at some point just gather these posts as a PDF, but in the meantime i've left my story in chronological order below. Click a link, and come back for the next one. I hope my story helps others avoid type 2 diabetes or helps newly diagnosed to find what is needed to change, whether a voice of encouragement or even a new twitter friend :)

I've been extremely pleased with the results of my sharing my story so far, and I am eternally grateful to the people that have reached out and helped in any way. I had my first contributor reach out (thanks Bilal!) and I'm now part of two #vFitbit groups. Truly the 'net is a wonderful place to connect with others, no matter what you want to talk about.

Anytime I add a blog post entry related to diabetes and my story I'll update this list.