Here you will find current information about the server and the game world. 

October 8th 2009 - Halloween Events Scheduled, Updates.

Halloween events, have been scheduled for Oct 29th and Nov 1st, this will be the same event both times so no repeats please. This is so more than just one group can attend with party schedules and all. This will be for 30 to 40th level characters about 5 - 8 for each event. I am adding a special new dungeon for Halloween that will be featured in the events. 

Updates, Still working on the new changes with races and areas coming. Though I have mostly put it on hold for the Halloween build. 

Barbarians at war, this coming weekend there will be a war between the barbarians, this is centered around the Asguard RP group headed up by Strowolf, Raina, and Wolfgar. If you have a barbarian or are a friend of the Wolf clan you may attend if I have open spots. This will happen on Sat Oct 10th around 4 - 5 PM server time. I have made a special war area with a nice wall and forest camp for the badguys. The town of Manokwari is being sieged by the Bear Clan and their allies. It should be alot of fun and take about 2 - 4 hours depending on the RP.     

September 17th 2009 - Updates, upcoming and new things.

Updates, Lots of things have happened in the 2 months I have not posted. As always the best way to keep up to date is to check the forums daily. 

Upcoming, There will soon be some big changes to Arcana, new races to play for those with 40th level characters and new areas for 40th level characters. Im not going to give any plot away yet but keep your eyes peeled for some big changes coming.

New things, If you have not found them yet there are some new items in Arcana. There are some new ancient armors you can find Ancient Frost Plate and Ancient Flame plate these are to give fighters a little boost but they will be hard to find. Lots of new DM requested NPCs for their storylines so you should see alot more activity in DM events. 

Thanks for playing and Happy Gaming  

July 21st 2009 - New things, updates, whats coming. 

New Things, the DMs have some new things I have added in to use for RP and events. We are going to promote two new DMs this week, watch the forums for updates. 

Updates, Its been a while since i posted here in the news section, lots of new things are in the server; quests, items, NPCs etc... things are always changing and improving. We added the town teleporter to the welcome area now you can port over to your favorite town to start from. Depending on your level you can start in; Cronkara (30+), Fort Hope(20+), Saban(20+) or Sanintan(30+).

Whats coming; I have some new 30 - 40th level areas planned. As well as some new quests going in soon for mid level characters. Ill also be adding some more quests for low level characters and maybe a new area or two around Tanamerah for low level adventure. Im also going to try to add in some dungeon crawls, most of this is planned for the next 30 - 45 days or so.

June 10th 2009 - Tournament of Champions, New Quests. 

Tournament of Champions was a huge success again thanks to all the players you can see the list of winner on the forums

New Quests we are adding at least 20 new quests tot he server this month, if you have any suggestions for quest please go to this topic in the forums and post them. For each idea you submit that gets used you will get a fate coin.

Thanks for playing and Happy Gaming!  

May 27th 2009 - Cronkara, Tournament of Champions.

Cronkara has been added to the server. A whole new town and new surrounding areas, 15 in total were added this week. As well as one new epic quest in Cronkara for a very nice set of boots. The town of Cronkara lies at the end of the Old East Road the only way to get there right now is to travel by foot to the town as pirates have made ship travel difficult at best between Tanamerah and Cronkara. 

Tournament of Champions is coming this weekend so do not forget, May 30th at about noon on Saturday the tournament will start.

Thanks for playing and Happy Gaming!

- Daniel

May 20th 2009 - Tournament of Champions, New Areas Coming soon.

The Tournament of Champions will be held on Saturday May 30th 2009 and will start around 1 - 2 PM CST. This event lasted 8 hours last time and will likely last that long this time. Check the forums for the latest information

New areas coming soon, the town of Cronkara and its surrounding territory will be added to the mod soon. This will include all new creatures and quests for epic level characters. Most of these areas will be 25th to 35th level players. And will give us a new area to extend from and build upon. Initially there will be no ship travel enabled to Cronkara and only those brave enough to walk the lenght of the old east road will be able to reach it. Im hoping to release this new area and have it fully tested by Saturday morning May 23rd but it might be as late as Wed May 27th.  

May 6th 2009 - Tournament of Champions, Soul Runes. 

Tournament of Champions will be held around the weekend of May 31st head on over to the forums and vote for the date and what events you would like to see in the tournament. 

Soul Runes has been a hot topic on the forums this last week. We posted a poll and so far you users have voted to keep the current perma death system in place and we came up with some nice ideas to make it more interesting and prevent some of the abuse of the current system. 

April 30th 2009 Criticals, Forums, Soul Runes

Critical hits, Soon enough Arcana will have anew critical hit system ArCHS (Arcana Critical hit System). this system will add to the current built in NWN critical hit system by adding some flair and the possibility of instantly killing your foe. This is currently being worked on and will be available by the end of May if all goes well in testing. See the Forums for more info.

Forums, have seen alot of activity lately which is good for the community I want to thank everyone for being so involved and for all the wonderful stories you tell through the character journals and role play sections. 

Soul Runes, as you know we are currently a perma death server, you get 5 souls and after you have died that many times you dead for good. We currently have a poll up to discuss and possible change this. Check it out here. You must be registered and logged in tot view or vote in this poll. Thanks.  

April 10th 2009 CEP 2.2 Update. 

CEP 2.2 update success, well that's what I'm calling it. Only one issue was reported otherwise every thing seems to be working fine so far. If you do find some thing please report it in the Arcana forums so I can take a look at it as soon as possible. 

In other news the barbarians are having a big scuffle there is a lot of troop movement in the west, be weary of barbarian attacks if you are west of Tanamerah or Saban. the barbarians seem to be having some sort of internal struggle for power among the clans.

Fort Hope is getting more buildings soon, a Dwarven guild and two more small castles / keeps for residence of the new town.  

April 7th 2009 CEP 2.2 Update Day. 

Updating to CEP 2.2 today. We are updating today and the server will be down for about an hour. I will try to be on as DM most of the day to keep an eye on the server and any problems that may arise. If it is something I can fix quickly I will do so and reload the mod today.

April 1st 2009 CEP 2.2 Update, this is real!

CEP 2.2 Update this is on track for April 7th still so be prepared. 

Casino the odds are not as good here now, it was discovered that it was to easy to make large sums of gold in the casino. So lady luck is not so easy any more. 

Poetry Hour this was fun last week and I will be doing it again every few weeks. There will be XP rewards for others who can make poetry and limericks. Also you get XP rewards just for coming by and haning out with the town crier and listening and RPing with him.

March 26th 2009 CEP 2.2 update coming. April 7th.

CEP 2.2 update Will not happen till April 7th my schedule was busier than I expected. Other than that every thing else is on track. 

Short update this week, I am out of town, which is the main reason for the date change on installing CEP 2.2. Big thanks to everyone who played this Saturday and enjoyed the Limerick and Poem hour with the Town Crier. I will be doing that again this Saturday. If you come by and listen and RP with him you will get some XP so watch for the shouts. 

March 19th 2009 Setbacks.... and Big News!!!

Setbacks: Not much of an update form last week, I'm a bit behind where I wanted to be but still progressing. Mostly due to illness and work being busy both are better this week. We are still on for March 31st for the CEP 2.2 upgrade I will keep you posted if some thing changes. I will try to post something early next week to the forums about the update and what to expect.

Fort Hope construction continues, look for new stuff coming up on Tuesday or Wed morning next week.

Big news We have become part of the Hall of Fame on NW Vault. A big thanks to all who voted over the last year Arcana has been online. Now lets try to top the hall of fame list! We are currently number 18  with 25 votes and a perfect score of 10. Why not login to NW Vault and vote for your favorite server. You do get a free fate coin for it just let me know when you have voted.

Server population hit a recent high of 22 people logged in and playing with, two DMs logged in entertaining, two different groups. Thanks for making the server a success and for all the great fun we have.

March 12th 2009 Fort Hope and CEP 2.2 Progress:

The News was skipped last week, sorry about that I just got really busy and was ill for a few days. Everything should be back on track now, thanks for all your support.

Fort Hope construction is coming along nicely there is now a Inn / Tavern called the Witch's Brew open for business. The Grimalkin guild has located their guild hall here as well and should become quite active in the next few weeks. I have heard some of their plans and it sounds like they are going to stir some things up on the server, it should be a lot of fun. 

CEP 2.2 I will start on this as soon as 3 more things get added to fort hope this next week. You should see a shrine with a cleric selling the usual scrolls, potions, and bandages. A monastery with monk like items for sale. And a quiant little book shop for the curious. Im going to tenetivly set a target date of Tuesday March 31st for the upgrade to CEP 2.2. Rememeber this will require you to download and install the CEP 2.2 files. I will make a forum post about this to add links and general instructions on how to install and use CEP 2.2.

As always thanks for all your support and playing on Arcana, you make it the best damn roleplay server anywhere. 

Feb 25th 2009 First Post - Tournament of Champions and CEP 2.2:

The Tournament of Champions was a success, see the forum post on the event here (you need to be logged in to view it).  We had over 15 players logged in watching and competing at one point. This was a blast to run as a DM and to see all the players having a good time. I have gotten a lot of great suggestions for the next one so we will be doing this again in about 1 month which will allow game time to advance about 1 year. I will try to repeat the tournament every month or 1 year of game time. Some players were surprised at how fun it was to do a DM control PvP game, there were no hard or hurt feelings and the players get to face off against the toughest opponents in the game, each other. Thanks for coming out to play and making this a success. Arcana has the best players of any server out there.

CEP 2.2 is out and I will begin working on installing it in the module in the coming weeks I will keep you informed of my progress and the cut over date in the forums.

In other news the new town of Fort Hope has seen some construction after its liberation from the orcs. There is a little cottage in the NE corner for Calandra, and Linariel's and Brina's castle is under construction. Feel free to message me on the forums to start the process of getting your home or what ever you want built. I already have players lining up for homes, two guilds, a shrine, at least two shops and two inns. So the town should be rounded out pretty nicely soon and start attracting common folk to fill in the day to day roles and jobs needed to support the town.

Thanks for all your support with this game world of ours.