Cities of Arcana

Here you will find links to the histories of the cities of Arcana. 

  • Tanamerah
  • Sandow
  • Saban
  • Num For
  • Port Smith
  • Cronkara (in development)
  • Manok Wari (in development)
  • Dunedin (in development)
  • Angaren (in development)
  • Sanintain (in development)
  • and much much more. 

Here is a brief description of each of the cities:

Tanamerah: The city of opportunity; this is the largest city in The Empire and the starting place for all new characters. Tanamerah is sometimes called Tana or The Great City, it has existed for many centuries and was built on the ruins of an older civilization. There are many ruins around and under Tana. There are lots of shops and even a huge indoor market in Tana. There is always some thing to do or something going on in Tana. The fountain by The Market is is a popular meeting place for adventurers.