Character Info

How to make a character for Arcana 

Some Basic Info:

Banned feats: Devastating Critical; I could go on and on about why, but I'm not going to the short answer is, it takes the fun out of the game for not only the person with Devastating Critical, but also those around you, who want to be in a fight.  And thats all I'm going to say about that.

Banned races: Drow and Half-Orc; The reason for this is simple, first their are no Drow period end of story, do not even ask. Half-Orcs, are considered monsters and are all evil, they are killed on site and at birth if it should happen in any society. If one were to survive to adulthood somehow, their only choice at survival would be to seek out other half-orcs to live with. Hence they would be either killed by the others or become evil. Half-Orcs are breed for war by an evil empire far to the east. You will not see many of them just yet in Arcana as that part of the world has not yet been created.

All elves must be of good alignment, when playing a half-elf, rp as a full blooded elf or a human with special abilities of unknown origin. Half-elves are extremely rare in this world. To understand this a little better read the section on elves on the races page here.


 Some Tips for Character creation in Arcana:

Be aware that player rewards for single classed characters are better than those for non-single classed characters.

Come up with a character background and post it in the forums, you can get a nice reward just for doing this. Also add a physical description to your character during creation in NWN, only add things that people can see by looking at you.

There are lots of traps and locked chests and doors in Arcana, this is meant to encourage a well rounded party, you will also come across monsters that are hard to defeat with out magic. The server is designed as a role play server so I'm hoping you team up with a party to go adventuring. As soloing may be quite hard. 

Keep hair and skin tones to a normal human look for all races. 

Read the forums for additional history and other peoples character backgrounds.

Most importantly make a character your going to enjoy playing.  

Some tips for getting started in Arcana:

Two words, training dummies, though you can only use them once per real time hour, they can help you to the next level and give you that little edge. They are located int he main city (Tanamerah) there is a map note showing the location. 

Quests; the Dear Hide quest is easy even for a starting character and is the first thing I do when I start a new character. Just go to The Market and look for the smith in the arms and armor shop. Ask him about some work. 

Once those two things are done, your going to spend some time in the sewers killing rats, beetles, and bats. The XP for them is pretty good at low levels so enjoy it while you can. 

After you have killed rats for a few levels and maybe wandered around the town abit and used the dummies for a while. Around 5 - 8th level you should head down to the ancient city, you will likely find this door transition while hunting in the sewers. Becareful to stick to the first level of the ancient city till you are 10 - 11th level, the second level is much more difficult. 

Making money at low levels, the best way will be to use the Office of Bounty in the main city of Tanamerah. You will find many of the creatures have bounties for there hides, heads or hands. You can sell rat pelts though not worth much it will keep you going during the first few levels.

Do not be afraid to ask others for help, the players on Arcana are a fun loving generous bunch, though do not expect someone to just hand you a bunch of gold or items. They may take you places and help you train however. 

The most important thing during the low levels is to get out there and experience the world and form a personality for your character, talk to others and interact, in short have fun. 

For tips on alignment go here

Thanks DM Daniel of Arcana.