Creation Myth


Arcana - Creation -

Arcana was formed by the creator who has no name and is not worshipped for it is more an idea, some call it fate or luck or just, The Creator.

Translated form the book of Fecundation, written some 4000 years ago by the Elf Lord: Tyermed Ilya

In the beginning there was a great void of nothing a space not filled. The creator slumbered here. He felt this was with out and so it thought....

In that moment the heavens rolled forth like a great scroll in all directions. Through its thought it had created an un-void. A place now here but somehow empty still.

Then the creator slumbered once more...

When the creator awoke to the emptiness of the new un-void it sought to fill it with something. Elements, with a single thought the four elements were created; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These elements where wild and untamed, they needed a master. With that Shawkenesis was born, an entity of wild thoughts and seemingly random actions. There were great upheavals in the un-void, Shawkenesis set to creating on its own. Bright burning orbs of endless fire and huge chunks of earth were flung in all directions. The elements were released into the un-void.

The creator found this new creation interesting and it gave the creator renewed interest. Though it found Shawkenesis to be to chaotic, with a great effort it was, that the creator separated the Elements from the un-void, which was now, not empty. With this action the inner planes were defined. Now the Elemental God was furious that it was not free to create in the un-void, it sat chaotic with fury, with no direction the inner planes burned and seethed, but slowly they began to settle.

The creator then slumbered again….

The awakening this time showed the creator a place full of stars, a space not the un-void any more but a universe full of potential. The seething mass that was the elemental planes had calmed. Shawkenesis sat in its self foreseen prison, its form could not exist in the order of the universe. The elemental entity could not manifest a physical form there. The creator still felt loneliness and that the new universe was empty.

Once again the creator began to think this time of a quintessence. A great light was made in the universe a shining light that would reach every corner. Forte Tingilya was his name, and he was the first of all the Vala (Gods or revered ones) as they are known to the Tari (elves). Forte Tingilya looked upon all he could see, there was great potential. He was given the gift of knowledge of all things and insight into the future, as all the Vala would. The creator seen Forte Tingilya was without a companion to whom he could converse equally. Il-Anwa Vaire was born in the darkest reaches of the universe. Il-Anwa Vaire’s first action was to question why he was second. This did not sit well with Forte Tingilya. The creator had made two equal but opposite entities, so he watched, though he knew the outcome.

The two entities divided all things equally; Forte Tingilya’s was full of light, where Il-Anwa Vaire’s was dark and shadowy. The two entities spoke often and at length of the possibilities of things to come as they both had the gift of insight. They were cautious of Shawkenesis for its power is immense and uncontrolled.

The creator observed this new universe with light and dark sides to be needing of another touch. The creator spoke to the two entities he said to go forth and create and with that they were given power over the universe to make things new, but they were told not to create intelligent beings. Shawkenesis was furious upon seeing the new creations. The gift of creation was not solely the elemental entities anymore. Shawkenesis began to weaken the prison it was in, the two entities of light and dark seen this, and became worried for their power was not as great as the elementals. The creator seen the coming war and made Estelquanta Ohtar, the faithful warrior, he gave him strength beyond measure and ability in combat. The now three entities prepared for the coming onslaught.

In preparation the three entities made fortresses, beyond the stars to sequester themselves in while waiting so they could not be caught unaware. Thus the outer planes were created, Erumar (Heaven), Cuma (Hell), and Altaronde (Great Hall) each belonged to Forte Tingilya, Il-Anwa Vaire, and Estelquanta Ohtar, respectively. The three needed a meeting place Rondevala (Hall of the Gods) was created using the power of all three entities. With these tasks and preparation done the three retreated to their fortresses and rested.

After a long rest Estelquanta Ohtar approached the other two Vala and posed the idea of building a gateway to the inner planes. This way they could open it and fight on their terms. Forte Tingilya was opposed to the idea, Il-Anwa Vaire seen it as something he could use in the future so it was decided that the gate would be made, the location was to be Arcana. This would keep the battles out of the fortresses and halls of the Vala.

The gate was created, and the preparations for war made, it was opened. The violence was intense the three Vala fought valiant and long against Shawkenesis the very fabric of the universe was damaged during the battle.

Eons past, the war of the planes was finally over, Shawkenesis was back in the inner planes, brooding over his defeat. The Vala knew he would try again, they petitioned the creator with one voice to grant them more allies.

The creator listened to the petition of the Vala, he then thought, and seen that it was good and that they lacked a softer side. Anvanya was gifted unto the vala, she is the most beautiful of all the Vala. She is caring and protective; she abhors war and combat, but has great powers of healing and protection. Anvanya was allowed to build her own fortress with in Erumar (heaven) the realm of Forte Tingilya.

Things were quite for a long time, trees, plants and insects now covered Arcana. The four deities created life in Arcana, The creator awoke and seeing the beauty of Arcana was immense but that it was still lacking an intelligent presence. The creator, for the first time, walked on Arcana every thing it touched became more alive than before. The creator came to a peaceful quite grove deep in the forests of Arcana. Here the creator sat and thought. The four Vala watched as four new entities were formed. The creator spoke to the entities giving them powers of their own but most importantly the power of thought.

These new entities would become know as the Ko Tari their names are Kemen, Sulya, Narla, and Onend. From them all the elves have descended. The Ko Tari had knowledge of all things but not the gift of insight, so the Vala felt they were blind, the Ko Tari seemed to live in the moment. Then the Vala gave the Ko Tari a task of naming all the animals and beasts of the land and to do this they were given the tongue of the elves, Eldarin. With this new gift of speech came song and poetry and thus began The Age of the Eldar.

Shawkenesis grew jealous of the creator’s new children and made children of its own, these were not peaceful creatures as are the creator's Ko Tari. Sanktori is what they are called. The Sanktori are pure elemental rage with a physical form. Shawkenesis soon learned the prison that held it, did not stop the Sanktori from entering Arcana, though their power was diminished there. The Sanktori reveled in destruction of life and chief among the Sanktori was Nornarauco, a giant of flame, cunning and ruthless, he seemed to have the greatest capacity for ruin among all the Sanktori.

Also in this time the first of the Anguloce emerged, this is one of the creatures the creator touched while visiting Arcana. Anguloce are great lizards, with huge wings, and fire for breath. The first was Unquanar, who stalked the ancient forests and mountains of Arcana. They have great appetites and find all manner of life edible. Unquanar is the father of all drakes and dragons.

The age of the Eldar was peaceful for a long time. The four Ko Tari Kemen, Sulya, Narla, and Onend learned many things from the deities who visited with them often. Magic being chief among these lessons the Ko Tari are naturals at using magic as if by thought alone they could weave spells and incantations. The Ko Tari settled in a verdant river valley. named Tumbo Laiqua, it was green, full of life and living things. There they played and learned and loved one another they made music the like of which was never heard again. The music came from their innocent hearts and minds having never known hardship or death it was the most beautiful of music ever.