Deities of Arcana

Major: These are the Known Gods.

Moge; or Forte Tingilya (North Star); LG

Domains: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, Sun.

Avatar: An older man with long white beard and white robes, favored weapon is a long sword.

Followers Alignment choices: LG, LN, NG.

The deity Moge, his common name, has the largest base of worshipers in the known lands. His closest rival for shear numbers of followers is Dontalis (see the entry for Dontalis for details). This is so, mainly do to the Theocracy of Moge, a country that sits just east of the Tanamerah Empire. Moge is considered a fair and just god who demands little from his followers and offers a peaceful afterlife as a reward for good deeds and being helpful to your fellow man. He is often seen as a father figure and caretaker of people in times of need. His relation to the Pantheon is being the first true deity recorded in the Book of Fecundation(1). His role is that of protection, guidance and justice.

Trog; or Estelquanta Ohtar (Faithful Warrior): N

Domains: Death, Destruction, Protection, Strength, War.

Avatar: A hulking mass of muscle and steel, favored weapon is an enormous Maul or War hammer.

Followers Alignment choices: Any non good. Most of his followers are neutral. LN, CN.

The deity Trog is known to many as the god of war, and personal combat. Many warriors will say a quick prayer to him before or during a battle. Though he has no official church, shrines to him can be seen at places of great battles past, and are often built just before a great battle is to take place. Those who sacrifice to him the greater favor, it is said, will gain the greater favor and victory in a battle or war. His relation to the pantheon is that of the chief warrior and defender of it in times of great crisis.

Gilthradd; or Yondo Cennaro (Son of Earth Fire): CG

Domains: Destruction, Fire, Good, Protection, Strength, War.

Avatar: A big man with long dark hair and metal teeth. Favored weapon is the Great Ax.

Followers Alignment choices: CG, NG, N, CN.

The deity Gilthradd, who is the son of Trog, delivered to the people of Koroba Island in a time of great need for them. Gilthradd erupted fully grown from a huge and ancient volcano after Trog was said to have slept there and seeded it with his blood. Gilthradd is a deity of protection, earth and fire. He likes to have great festivals lasting for days, he encourages one to seek out new experiences and generally have a good time and make new friends. Though his temper is with out bounds when riled, he prefers a direct approach to solving problems. His preferred method is to march right in to the heart of the problem and destroy it. Gilthradd's connection to the pantheon is that of the son of Trog.

Dontalis: or Il-Anwa Vaire (Deceit Weaver): NE

Domains: Death, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery.

Avatar: Typically that of a lich. Favored weapon mages staff.

Followers Alignment choices: NE, N, LN, LE

The deity Dontalis, is considered by most to be a vile and darkly evil god. His following is mostly made up of Orcs, Half-Orcs and evil men it would seem. He has more than once instigated huge wars engulfing the whole of Arcana to further his own hidden agendas. Dontalis was the second deity as recorded in the Book of Fecundation(1). He is the keeper of the underworld and though the other deities seem to loathe him, he does keep the underworld from rising up and destroying all of creation. He has been known to fight side by side with the other deities of the pantheon when they are threatened. His worshippers are required to commit their lives to him and are offered earthly rewards for their service, wealth, power, and fame, all those things considered greedy or evil pursuits by others. His main seat of power is in the far north east, in an ancient civilization that is known to be the birth place of man, the great city of Angaren.

Gia; or Cenamil (Earth Mother): N

Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water.

Avatar: That of a beautiful wood nymph or female of the race of the viewer.  

Followers Alignment choices: N, NG, LN, CN, NE

Gia is the offspring of Moge and Earen, she is a first born of the mating of two deities. She is the embodiment of nature and all things living. Gia cares for all the living things of Arcana. Her connection is that of daughter of Moge and Earen which connects the outer planes with inner planes, through the prime plane of Arcana. Gia is the chief deity of Druids, though druids draw their power from nature its self they still hold her in the highest regard, she is seen as the absolute head or leader of all druids every where.

Alahna: or Anvanya (Most Beautiful): NG

Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Sun, Travel, Water.

Avatar: That of a beautiful human female with golden hair.

Followers Alignment choices: NG, LG, CG

Alahna is the caregiver of the pantheon, she delivers healing and grace to those who pray for it. She is also the goddess of love and her favor is sought whenever someone marries. She is also a protector of sailors, and light houses are often dedicated to her light guiding sailors safely to harbor. Many sailors will say a quick prayer to her and Earen at the beginning of any sea journey.

Vela: or Morea Heri: (Dark Mistress): LE

Domains: Air, Death, Evil, Protection, Strength, Travel, Trickery. 

Avatar: That of a dark clad human or elf woman, sometimes beautiful and sometimes horrible fearsome. 

Followers Alignment choices: LE, NE, CE, CN, LN.

Vela, also the name of Arcana’s moon, is the mistress of the night, it is said she rules whenever the sun goes down. Her other duty is that of the Ferrier of the dead to the afterlife, those who failed there patron deity or had none, can look forward to seeing her horrible visage in the afterlife carrying them off to the underworld. She is also a known trickster, trapping people into failing there patron or merely playing a cruel joke on someone. Many say prayers to her, to protect themselves or others traveling at night usually for her to leave them be, these prayers are coupled with an offering usually food or wine. Vela is the offspring of Dontalis and Vavia and was the second child of a true deity. Vela also has a cultish following that refer to her as the Mistress of Pain, here she is seen as a comely woman in tight leather, favoring a whip, this group sees her as a dominant woman holding power over men with her beauty and punishment with the whip. 

Umbar; or Fate or the Norn: N

Domains: Death, Evil, Good, Protection, Travel, Trickery.

Avatar: none, fate is an aspect of the creator and never has a physical manifestation.

Followers Alignment choices: (N,NG,NE,CN,LN)

Umbar, though not a true deity in the sense of the rest of the pantheon is worshipped by a select few who have discovered that the fates or fate rules all. Fate is praised or blamed anytime something small typically unexplained happens. Though no official church or following exists one can still find worshippers of fate from time to time roaming around proclaiming their deities involvement in many of life’s ups and downs. They often refer to following the unseen path fate has laid before them. They seem very carefree and tend to fit in with most people as they do not question things often saying, it is fates will.  Fate is often prayed to during games of chance or when something seems to small for a deity to get involved with. 

Ur; or the Fire God: CN

Domains: Death, Destruction, Fire, Magic, Trickery.

Avatar: A Pillar of flame or a huge fire elemental.

Followers Alignment choices: CN, CG, CE. 

Ur is the embodiment of fire, the undisputed master of the elemental plane of fire. Though not truly a deity, he was created during a war to help lockup the Eldar Elemental God (Shawkenesis see his entry). Though he is worshipped and answers prayer of his followers. He has no agenda of his own, though he typically causes trouble or is blamed for house fires and forest fires. His mischief knows no bounds nothing is sacred to him and he consumes any thing he wishes. His following is cultish and usually looked down upon. He is also highly chaotic and random much to the disdain of other deities.

Nor; or the Stone God: LN

Domains: Animal, Earth, Plant, Strength, Travel, War.

Avatar: A stone golem or Earth elemental.

Followers Alignment choices: LN, LG, LE.

Nor is the embodiment of stone and dirt, the undisputed master of the elemental plane of earth. Though not truly a deity, he was created during a war to help lockup the Eldar Elemental God (Shawkenesis see his entry). Nor is the embodiment of order and is at odds forever with Vavia and Ur for they are pure chaos to him, which he cannot understand. Nor is worshipped in small groups, mostly dwarves or miners, he does answer prayers of his followers. He is mainly concerned with maintaining the lock on Shawkenesis.

Vaiva; or the Wind Goddess: CN

Domains: Air, Healing, Protection, Sun, Travel, Trickery.

Avatar: A nymph, elf or air elemental.

Followers Alignment choices: CN, CE, CG.

Vavia is the embodiment of wind and air she is the undisputed ruler of the elemental plane of air. Though not truly a deity, she was created during a war to help lockup the Eldar Elemental God (Shawkenesis see his entry). Vavia is a free sprit she has no agenda and makes most of her choices with little thought on the matter. Her only concern is maintaining the hold on Shawkenesis. Her followers tend to be small groups of females who gather together and worship her through song and dance. She answers these prayers as she finds it a great distraction from her duties as the Lady of the Wind. She has an extensive relationship with Dontalis which seems strange to many. She also absolutely hates Earen and will stop at nothing to pester her whenever she has the chance. 

Earen; or the Water Goddess: LN

Domains: Animal, Plant, Strength, Travel, Water.

Avatar: A water nymph, elf, or water elemental.

Followers Alignment choices: LN, LE, LG.

Earen is the embodiment of water and oceans she is the undisputed ruler of the elemental plane of water. Though not truly a deity, she was created during a war to help lockup the Eldar Elemental God (Shawkenesis see his entry). Earen lives a very structured existence her main goal is to maintain the lock of Shawkenesis. She despises Vavia for her chaotic nature, and affair with Dontalis whom she views as ultimately evil and a corruptor. Her followers tend to live near the sea or on ships. She is the patron deity of many sailors.

Shawkenesis: or The Eldar Elemental God: CN

Domains: Air, Death, Destruction, Earth, Evil, Fire, Knowledge, Travel, Trickery, War, Water.

Avatar: None known.

Followers Alignment choices: any non lawful, though they always shift towards CN as they go mad.

The Eldar Elemental God is not known to many, or at least it is not known how to become its follower. Shawkenesis is often referred to in the masculine simply do to its power and destructiveness. His followers are typically wiped out whenever they are found as they are always trying to release him into the world which would destroy every thing. Shawkenesis is bent on the complete freedom of the elemental planes to exist on every plane. His mad plans would have him rule everything. He was locked away long ago in a great war between the pantheon and himself. During this process the four elemental gods (Ur, Nor, Vavia, Earen) were created and set as the guardians of the lock. The Eldar Elemental God is completely chaotic and has no real direction or from, he can appear as nearly anything. His followers slowly go mad trying to please him and though they usually wield incredible power he asks many horrible and difficult tasks of them. (You can only select this deity as your patron through role play or DM approval).

To be the follower of any of these deities you must meet one of the two requirements below.

1. Have both of your cleric domains be one of the deity’s domains and one of the follower alignment choices.

2. Have one of the deity’s domains and the same alignment as the deity


A note about the creator and creation, the creator is not worshipped directly except by the name of Fate or Umbar, though few know of this connection. In the above descriptions if it was not specifically mentioned who the parents of a deity are it is to be assumed the creator made them.

1. The Book of Fecundation, is an ancient text that has been scribed and copied from ancient scrolls perfectly for thousands of years. It is currently housed in the protection of the Church of Moge in the City of New Perth the capitol and seat of power for the Theocracy of Moge.