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American Prestige Technology Consulting provide bilingual and technical services in the Information Security Management ISO1779; 10 major areas, including business continuity planning, physical and environmental security, compliance, personnel security, asset control and security policy


· Information security policy

· Information security policy document

· Review and evaluation

· Organizational


· Information security infrastructure

· Management information security forum Information security coordination

· Allocation of information security responsibilities

· Authorization process for information processing facilities

· Specialist information security advice

· Co-operation between organizations

· Independent review of information security

· Security of third party access

· Identification of risks from third party access

· Security requirements in third party contracts

· Outsourcing

· Security requirements in outsourcing contracts


· Accountability of assets

· Inventory of assets

· Information classification

· Classification guidelines

· Information labelling and handling


· Security in job definition and Resourcing

· Including security in job responsibilities

· Personnel screening and policy

· Confidentiality agreements

· Terms and conditions of employment

· User training

· Information security education and training

· Responding to security incidents and malfunctions

· Reporting security incident

· Reporting security weaknesses

· Reporting software malfunctions

· Learning from incidents

· Disciplinary process


· Secure Area

· Physical Security Perimeter

· Physical entry Controls

· Securing Offices, rooms and facilities

· Working in Secure Areas

· Isolated delivery and loading areas

· Equipment Security

· Equipment siting protection

· Power Supplies

· Cabling Security

· Equipment Maintenance

· Securing of equipment off-premises

· Secure disposal or re-use of equipment

· General Controls

· Clear Desk and clear screen policy

· Removal of property


· Operational Procedure and responsibilities

· Documented Operating procedures

· Operational Change Control

· Incident management procedures

· Segregation of duties

· Separation of development and operational facilities

· External facilities management System planning and acceptance

Capacity Planning

· System acceptance

· Protection against malicious software

· Control against malicious software

· Housekeeping

· Information back-up

· Operator logs

· Fault Logging

· Network Management

· Network Controls

· Media handling and Security

· Management of removable computer media

· Disposal of Media

· Information handling procedures

· Security of system documentation

· Exchange of Information and software

· Information and software exchange agreement

· Security of Media in transit

· Electronic Commerce security

· Security of Electronic email

· Security of Electronic office systems

· Publicly available systems

· Other forms of information exchange


· Business Requirements for Access Control

· Access Control Policy

· User Access Management

· User Registration

· Privilege Management

· User Password Management

· Review of user access rights

· User Responsibilities

· Password use

· Unattended user equipment

· Network Access Control

· Policy on use of network services

· Enforced path

· User authentication for external connections

· Node Authentication

· Remote diagnostic port protection

· Segregation in networks

· Network connection protocols

· Network routing control

· Security of network services

· Operating system access control

· Automatic terminal identification

· Terminal log-on procedures

· User identification and authorization

· Password management system

· Use of system utilities

· Duress alarm to safeguard users

· Terminal time-out

· Limitation of connection time

· Application Access Control

· Information access restriction

· Sensitive system isolation

· Monitoring system access and use

· Event logging

· Monitoring system use

· Clock synchronization

· Mobile computing and teleworking

· Mobile computing

· Teleworking


· Security requirements of systems

· Security requirements analysis and specification

· Security in application systems

· Input data validation

· Control of internal processing

· Message authentication

· Output data validation

· Cryptographic

· Policy on use of cryptographic controls

· Encryption

· Digital Signatures

· Non-repudiation services

· Key management

· Security of system files

· Control of operational software

· Protection of system test data

· Access Control to program source library]

· Security in development and support process

· Change control procedures

· Technical review of operating system changes

· Technical review of operating system changes

· Covert channels and Trojan code

· Outsourced software development


· Aspects of Business Continuity Management

· Business continuity management process

· Business continuity and impact analysis

· Writing and implementing continuity plan

· Business continuity planning framework

· Testing, maintaining and re-assessing business continuity plan


· Compliance with legal requirements

· Identification of applicable legislation.

· Intellectual property rights (IPR)

· Safeguarding of organizational records

· Data protection and privacy of personal information

· Prevention of misuse of information processing facility.

· Regulation of cryptographic controls

· Collection of evidence

· Reviews of Security Policy and technical compliance

· Compliance with security policy

· Technical compliance checking

· System audit considerations

· System audit controls

· Protection of system audit tools

Phone (323) 356-5241

I'd like to bring my PC/Mac in, do you have depot service?

American Prestige Technology Consulting will pick up your computer, take it to our Service Center, and deliver the computer upon problem resolution. (If applicable.)

How do I prepare for an On-Site visit?

Customers are asked to provide a comprehensive list of all computer and/or network problems present. A clean work environment, and perhaps a bottle of water, and we'll take care of the rest.

What are the requirements for an On-Site visit?

On-Site customers must provide a clean work environment, and a person over the age of 18 years old must be present. A high-speed Internet connection is usually required. Cash or check payment is due upon completion of the visit.

Do you have any references?

Our references are available upon request.

Please contact us for additional information.


American Prestige Technology Consulting offers home users reliable home PC/Mac and network support.

Whether you want to install a wireless network, add a new computer in your house, or revive a computer that is slow and infected with pop-ups and spyware, we can help. Call us today to get started.

Small Business Maintenance Plan

To keep your network and your business running at optimum levels, American Prestige Technology Consulting offers the Small Business Maintenance Plan.

Once a quarter, we'll provide the following:

- Update Anti-Virus software

- Remediate virus activity

- Update Anti-Spyware measures

- Remove spyware/malware from workstations

- Approve/Apply critical patches/updates

- Computer Cleaning

- Documentation

- More

We can tailor a Maintenance Plan specifically to suit your needs.

Computer Support

PC/Mac Setup and Customization Installation and setup of one new PC or Mac, Network and Internet connectivity (pre-existing, if applicable), installation of one software title, and installation of one peripheral.

Patches, critical updates, and unwanted icon/application removal included.

Operating System Solution - including Spyware and Virus Removal

Our most popular package! Complete hardware and software diagnostics. Remove spyware and viruses. Fix corrupt operating system.

Disk cleanup. Patches, critical updates, and unwanted icon and application removal included.

Data Migration

Transfer all of your data from your PC to another PC or to a laptop or storage device.

Desktop Data Backup

Are you prepared in case your PC crashes? American Prestige Technology Consulting can help you backup all of your critical data, including financial information, photos, music, and more.


Both On-Site and Depot services require an up-front diagnostic charge.

After we determine the problem(s), we'll recommend a course of action to solve the issue(s). Purchase of additional services waives the diagnostic fee.

Computer Cleaning

Complete PC cleaning, including inside the tower.

Network Solutions

Wireless Network Setup

Having a wireless network allows you to surf or work from anywhere in your home. Our service includes router installation and wireless card installation (up to 2 PC's, additional PC's extra). We'll also configure your router settings using the highest encryption levels to keep your home network secure and keep intruders out.

Network Troubleshooting

Computers not talking to each other? File and print sharing not working?

American Prestige Technology Consulting will diagnose your network issue and recommend a solution.

Add a Device to Existing Network

Need to add another computer to your home network? Wired or wireless, we'll install a network card and ensure the computer can communicate with your network.

Network Storage Device Setup

If you need to backup your personal and/or financial information and keep it in a safe spot, American Prestige Technology Consulting can help. We'll install a network storage device, ensure it works properly, and train you to use it.

Online Gaming Setup

Not sure how to get your kids set up online to play games? We'll set up your Xbox or PS2 with your existing high-speed internet connection.

Software Services

Anti-Virus Install

American Prestige Technology Consulting will get your computer set up with anti-virus protection and update the software to ensure your are protected against today's viruses.

Operating System Install

If your PC needs an OS upgrade, we'll determine which one is right for you and install it.

Software Troubleshooting

Have a program that is giving you trouble? We can help. Our Technicians evaluate the problem, fix it, and install any applicable updates or hotfixes.

Software or Anti-Spyware Install

We'll install any software title or anti-spyware program for you. Let us take the guesswork out of the equation.

Hardware Services

Memory Install

Need to speed up your computer by adding more memory? Our technicians will get you computing faster immediately.

Optical Drive Install

Want to keep your music or movies organized and safe? Let American Prestige Technology Consulting install an optical drive with CD/DVD readability. Never worry again about losing your files.

Hard Drive Install

Running out of hard drive space? We'll install another hard drive for you.

I/O Card Install

Not getting enough out of your video games? Let us install a new graphics card to satisfy your gaming needs.

To Whom It May Concern:

With the present letter I would like to introduce my self.

My name is Francisco Javier Torres a bilingual person who can read, speak, and write in English and Spanish.

I am seeking an opportunity to provide services for business.

I can help your organization with my services in public relations: graphic arts designs and publicity.

I also provide technological support with installations of hardware and software, networking, computer repair, and personal computer training.

All my professional experience and education offers proficiency in development and cutting-edge technologies to directly impact, growth, and increase the profitability of your organization.

My professional experience, bilingual abilities, technical expertise, and leadership capabilities have contributed to a number of successful work projects and development or implementation educational programs at Huntington Park/Bell Community Adult School and Miles Avenue Elementary School form Los Angeles Unified School District at District J.

During the time I worked at HP/B CAS I programmed and upgraded computer laboratories with operating systems, academic and office software.

Promote several educational programs with public relations projects with graphic designs and multimedia presentations.

I became the official photographer for WASC 2002-2003 School Accreditation.

I assisted with the school inventory of hardware and software.

I provide technical support and public relations to Southeast Community Development Corporation.

I provided technical bilingual (Eng/Sp) services to SpeechPhone "Voice Over Internet Protocol" supporting 10, 000 users.

My education and professional experience allows me to adapt to any work setting and duties without any difficulty.

I am a person motivated to learn new things every day.

I am the best person to help you achieve your company goals.

I can help your business with my knowledge in public relations, graphic designs, and publicity. Also provide technological support with installation of software and hardware, computer repair, networking, and personal computer training.

I appreciate your time and I am looking forward to speaking with you in person. I would like to arrange a meeting, which is convenient to your schedule.


Francisco J. Torres


Develop an IT Strategy

It is important to plan ahead for the development of your IT systems, and American Prestige Technology Consulting can help. Your IT infrastructure will need to be able to grow and adapt to any changes in your business.

An IT strategy provides a roadmap for how IT will be implemented. Such a strategy should contain the following:

- A definition of the main standards, or the agreed set of hardware and software components that the business will use. This should include the operating systems, hardware types and underlying software such as database management systems.

- The network infrastructure, both for local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), used to connect offices in different locations.

- A series of projects to implement the required changes in IT provision.

Building your IT strategy

An IT strategy should be based on the system requirements you have defined. A typical IT strategy plans for three to five years and should include the following actions:

- Produce an inventory of your current hardware and software. Consider its life expectancy.

- Review this against your future requirements. Decide how closely they meet those needs.

- Define the gap between what you currently have and the systems that you need.

- Decide on the general standards that you will use - i.e. the operating systems that you intend to use for servers and desktop.

- Review the IT infrastructure and support that will be needed to fill the gap you have identified. i.e. if you intend to increase the number of desktop PCs in use, you will need to extend the LAN.

- Define a program of implementation projects, with defined start and end dates, to close the gap between your current IT provision and what you aim for at the end of the plan.

- Produce cost estimates so that you know roughly how much you will need to spend and when. You can estimate these figures based on your own research, i.e. from supplier literature or websites, or ask a supplier them to give you an outline cost based upon the provisional requirements you have identified.

- Check that this program will fit in with your overall business plan.