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Regional Silver Medal and State Gold Medal SkillsUSA


American Prestige Technology Consulting

"When we all help one another, everybody wins!"

Expert State of the Art Bilingual English and Spanish Services:

· Public Relations (English/Spanish)

· Understanding and knowable:

A+ Certification, Networking (Physical/Wireless)

Network Security (hardware/Software)

· Computer technician with experience in

PC (Microsoft) and Macintosh,

open source operating systems and application programs.

· Multimedia Programs:

Adobe (Photoshop)

Macromedia and web page design.

· Multimedia presentations

· Technological support and training

· Available to adapt to any work setting with knowledge in technology implementations and developments.

· Customer services and enthusiastic team member.

· Dedicated to highest quality of work there fore willing to gain valuable experience.

We focus providing services for Southeast Communities

and all Southern California.

Wherever You Need It!

Whether your personal computer just crashed or you need to configure a small business network,

American Prestige Technology Consulting can help.

Bring your system to our place or we'll come to you!

We provide services for residential, businesses and education sector!

We specialize in: WiFi hardware for Maywood WiFi

More cities are in the USA are implementing a City WiFi and

need help from a consulting technology business to set up

WiFi hardware at residential homes or business.

We can provide bilingual English and Spanish workshops to teach residents and business owners what type of hardware they need to be connected to local city WiFi and we provide professional service to set up their WiFi hardware.

Implementation of technology in education (K-12 and Adult Education)

Implementation of technology in the business sector and residential

We also provide digital communication systems for business or residential.

Network Operating Systems:

-Mac OS Servers

-Microsoft Servers

-Novel Servers

-Open Systems Servers

Personal Operating Systems:

-Mac OS


-Open Systems

Hardware and Software Support




PC and Mac support available

  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • System Installations
  • Networking
  • Emergencies
  • System Set-Up
  • Virus Detection and Recovery
  • Security and Performance
  • Hardware/Software
  • WiFi and WiMax hardware sales
  • SoIP hardware

With technology getting more and more advanced, you need a reliable bilingual

Eng/Sp computer service partner you can trust.

I'd like to bring my PC/Mac in, do you have depot service?

American Prestige Technology Consulting will pick up your computer, take it to our Service Center, and deliver the computer upon problem resolution. (If applicable.)

How do I prepare for an On-Site visit?

Customers are asked to provide a comprehensive list of all computer and/or network problems present. A clean work environment, and perhaps a bottle of water, and we'll take care of the rest.

What are the requirements for an On-Site visit?

On-Site customers must provide a clean work environment, and a person over the age of 18 years old must be present. A high-speed Internet connection is usually required. Cash or check payment is due upon completion of the visit.

Do you have any references?

Our references are available upon request.

Please contact us for additional information.

Email: fjt5241@gmail.com

American Prestige Technology Consulting offers home users reliable home PC/Mac and network support.

Whether you want to install a wireless network, add a new computer in your house, or revive a computer that is slow and infected with pop-ups and spyware, we can help. Call us today to get started.

Small Business Maintenance Plan

To keep your network and your business running at

optimum levels, American Prestige Technology

Consulting offers the Small Business Maintenance Plan.

Once a quarter, we'll provide the following:

- Update Anti-Virus software

- Remediate virus activity

- Update Anti-Spyware measures

- Remove spyware/malware from workstations

- Approve/Apply critical patches/updates

- Computer Cleaning

- Documentation

- More

We can tailor a Maintenance Plan specifically to suit your needs.

Computer Support

PC/Mac Setup and Customization Installation and setup of one new PC or Mac, Network and Internet connectivity (pre-existing, if applicable), installation of one software title, and installation of one peripheral.

Patches, critical updates, and unwanted icon/application removal included.

Operating System Solution - including Spyware and Virus Removal

Our most popular package! Complete hardware and software diagnostics. Remove spyware and viruses. Fix corrupt operating system.

Disk cleanup. Patches, critical updates, and unwanted icon and application removal included.

Data Migration

Transfer all of your data from your PC to another PC or to a laptop or storage device.

Desktop Data Backup

Are you prepared in case your PC crashes? American Prestige Technology Consulting can help you backup all of your critical data, including financial information, photos, music, and more.


Both On-Site and Depot services require an up-front diagnostic charge.

After we determine the problem(s), we'll recommend a course of action to solve the issue(s). Purchase of additional services waives the diagnostic fee.

Computer Cleaning

Complete PC cleaning, including inside the tower.

Network Solutions

Wireless Network Setup

Having a wireless network allows you to surf or work from anywhere in your home. Our service includes router installation and wireless card installation (up to 2 PC's, additional PC's extra). We'll also configure your router settings using the highest encryption levels to keep your home network secure and keep intruders out.

Network Troubleshooting

Computers not talking to each other? File and print sharing not working?

American Prestige Technology Consulting will diagnose your network issue and recommend a solution.

Add a Device to Existing Network

Need to add another computer to your home network? Wired or wireless, we'll install a network card and ensure the computer can communicate with your network.

Network Storage Device Setup

If you need to backup your personal and/or financial information and keep it in a safe spot, American Prestige Technology Consulting can help. We'll install a network storage device, ensure it works properly, and train you to use it.

Online Gaming Setup

Not sure how to get your kids set up online to play games? We'll set up your Xbox or PS2 with your existing high-speed internet connection.

Software Services

Anti-Virus Install

American Prestige Technology Consulting will get your computer set up with anti-virus protection and update the software to ensure your are protected against today's viruses.

Operating System Install

If your PC needs an OS upgrade, we'll determine which one is right for you and install it.

Software Troubleshooting

Have a program that is giving you trouble? We can help. Our Technicians evaluate the problem, fix it, and install any applicable updates or hotfixes.

Software or Anti-Spyware Install

We'll install any software title or anti-spyware program for you. Let us take the guesswork out of the equation.

Hardware Services

Memory Install

Need to speed up your computer by adding more memory? Our technicians will get you computing faster immediately.

Optical Drive Install

Want to keep your music or movies organized and safe? Let American Prestige Technology Consulting install an optical drive with CD/DVD readability. Never worry again about losing your files.

Hard Drive Install

Running out of hard drive space? We'll install another hard drive for you.

I/O Card Install

Not getting enough out of your video games? Let us install a new graphics card to satisfy your gaming needs.

American Prestige Technology Consulting

would be pleased to be your technology partner.

Our Community Partners are:

Huntington Park-Bell Community Adult School; Los Angeles Unified School District

Southeast Community Development Corporation, Bell Gardens Boys & Girls Club

American Prestige Technology Consulting effort to provide services to persons divided by technology in areas of the Southeast Communities from Bell, Bellflower, Bell Gardens, Commerce, Cudahy, Downey, Huntington Park, Maywood, South Gate, Vernon, Lynwood, and unincorporated Walnut Park.

We will work together with the local government to provide alternatives services to the residents and business owners of the area with professional technology services.

We will work together with southeast local city governments, local city school districts, local non-profit organizations to develop educational opportunities for residents and development of business.

We can help with technology implementation in the areas with public relations in English or Spanish.

American Prestige Technology Consulting

(323) 682 8499

APTC Business Web: http://aptc777.info

Email: fjt5241@gmail.com

Skype: torres.francisco72

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APTC Hours:

7 days/24 hours apointment available

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Appointments Only

Francisco J. Torres, American Prestige Technology Consulting Objective

To serve in a position to apply technological know how with business and Community.


Non-Profit Sector Technology Support : November 2000 to present

Southeast Community Development Corporation, California

Technology Instructor: February 2004 to September 2004

Gateway Cities Partnership, Inc; Paramount, California

Education Sector: K-12

Adult School and higher educational system:

Computer Network/Teacher Assistant: February 2000 to April 2005

Los Angeles School District, California

-Bell High School: February 2004 to April 2005

-Miles Elementary: February 2000 to February 2004

-Huntington Park Community Adult School: October 2000 to June 2003

Library Assistant: September 1998 to March 1999

North Orange County Community College:

Cypress College Library, Cypress California

Business Sector: American Prestige Technology Consulting: April 2005 to present

Voice Over TCP Technical Support: November 2009 to January 2010

SpeechPhone, Lake Forest, California

PC Technician: November 2006 to January 2010

Kimco Torrence, California

Security Guard: October 2005 to November 2005

Securitas Commerce, California

Education Graduated from Huntington Park High School 1992 to 1996

Higher Education courses:

Cypress College Fall 1996 to 2004: General Education and Computer Science

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

10-hour Construction Safety and Health February 2017

Slawson Southeast Occupational Center

Los Angeles Unified School District Division of Adult and Career Education

Mobile Electronics Technician 1: June 2017

Electronics 1: July 2017


Community Development of Computer Centers

EmpowerNet: San Francisco

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services: Security Guard;

Consumer Affairs: State of California

Public Relations: Cypress College

First Aid and CPR: Cypress College and Los Angeles School District

Microsoft Office Programs: Cypress College California

Francisco Javier Torres Awards

Huntington Park High School

Huntington Park City Scholarship, 1996

Orden de la Luz Scholarship, June 1996

Cypress College

Academic Award/Scholarship for best student development from

Cypress College Foreign Language Department May 1998

Santa Ana Club Scholarship in academics and extracurricular activities, May 1999

Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges, Cypress College 2000-2001

Extracurricular Activities

Huntington Park High School

Member of football and swimming teams

President and organizer of Football Club

Fullerton Junior College

Football member 1997


Huntington Park High School

Teacher aid, football coach, office assistant, and Tile One and Bilingual

Bell High School

(LAUSD Teacher Assistant/Computer Technician)

Robotics Club 2004-2005

Huntington Park Bell Community Adult School

(LAUSD Teacher Assistant) (2000-2004)

The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and College

(WASC) accreditation process

Official Photographer

Cypress College (Fall 1996 to 2004)

President and Organizer of Cypress College Football Club

Member of Cypress College Spanish Club

Participation and attendance to North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees

Cypress College Hiring Committees (College President)

Cypress College Center for Multicultural Understanding

Cypress College Student Association

North Orange County Community (1996 to present)

Anaheim Searchers Gem and Mineral Society, INC

Southeast Communities:

Elected officials from the cities of Bell, Bell Gardens, Commerce, Cudahy, Huntington Park, Maywood,

South Gate, and Vernon were brought together by former State Senator Martha Escutia (30th District)

to address issues of economic development from a regional perspective

Southeast Technology Initiative:Community assessment report by the University of California for Southeast Community Development


Volunteer and Independent Contractor experience at Southeast Community Development Corporation

Southeast Community Development Corporation (SCDC)

Volunteer 2005 to present

Volunteer with Southeast Technology Initiative

SCDC and University of California Berkeley

2009 California Emerging Technologies Fun

Pew Research Center

SCDC Mobile Technology Center

Computer repair and installations

Suggestion of project for a Technical Center to provide computer refreshed for community and educational opportunities with software & operating system training, A+ Certification Program and Robotic Classes. Provide high speed broad band connections for Southeast Communities

Maywood California Technology Project

Maywood WiFi City Network: Maywood City with NetLogix and Motorola

Set up computers and Wi-Fi nick cards at Maywood Park Class Room

Introduced beta project to sale DSL connections from SoipTel to SCDC

Introduced data center project to SCDC to develop a regional data center with subrigo

Independent Technology Contractor 2012 to 2014

Set up 10 regional computer class rooms (Windows and MAC environment)

· Huntington Park Work Center HUB Cities with LAUSD Adult School Collaboration

· Florence-Firestone Work center

· Huntington Park

· Gage Middle School with collaboration with LAUSD Adult School Collaboration

· Salvation Army Huntington Park

· YMCA Huntington Park

· Bell

· Bear Park

· Bell Salvation Army Computer Repair Program with collaboration form Huntington Park Adult School

· Bell Gardens

· Touch Point Church-Community Computer Laboratory

· Rio Hondo Boys and Girls Club, Bell Gardens

· Cudahy City

· Lugo Park Community Center

· Southgate City

Bell Tech

EmpowerNet California

Stared beta program for Refurbishing computers

Deployment of Microsoft refurbish program OEM

Set up beta installation for Windows OEM for the Operating System Windows 7, Office 2010 Suite and antivirus program.

Planed and set up computer network

Set up wired network:

Set up cat 6 category for wired network with keystone modules cat 6 and patch panels cat 6.

Installation of Network Switch with POE, Windows Server, connected local broadband to SCDC network.

Set up Bell Tech Classroom, Bell Tech Store, Bell Tech Repair Area network drops and set up computer hardware.

Provided assistance with the built up of Bell Tech during construction and beta deployment.

Promoted Get Connected Southeast in collaboration with Los Angeles County Regional Broadband Consortia

EmpowerNet California Training February 8, 2011

Development and maintenance of Community Learning Centers