Welcome to the home page of A New Ulster.

Northern Ireland's newest literary and arts ezine, magazine. We are a gateway for local talent and global writers and artists.

We see this as a hybrid product following in the footsteps of The Honest Ulsterman and Fortnight magazine both of which are no longer in print.

We hope to work closely with local writers as well as talented artists from around the world. A New Ulster is a truly independent journal we receive no funding and therefore have more freedom in the content we publish. We draw the line at hate speech or racism.

Submissions are open to everyone however the editor has final say to the content used in each issue.

A New Ulster's policy is one of inclusiveness not exclusiveness art for the people.

Our new website: We will continue to use this as a museum of sorts https://anuanewulster.wixsite.com/anewulster/recently-in-anu