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Welcome to the home page of A New Ulster Northern Ireland's newest literary and arts ezine. We currently have two issues out http://issuu.com/amosgreig/docs/a_new_ulster_issue_one & http://issuu.com/amosgreig/docs/anu_issue_2. We see this as a hybrid product following in the footsteps of The Honest Ulsterman and Fortnight magazine both of which are no longer in print. Hard copies of each issue can be purchased.

We hope to work closely with local writers as well as talented artists from around the world. Submissions are open to everyone however the editor has final say to the content used in each issue. A New Ulster's policy is one of inclusiveness not exclusiveness art for the people. Submissions 

A Poem for today: Social Decay

Steel capped icebergs’ pierce the sky.

In artificial towers

Rapunzels refused to let down their hair,

Satisfied to watch the tired and hungry

Like ants scrabble for scraps.


Sharp eyed ‘suits’ stand at bullet proof windows.

In climate controlled towers,

A hand forms an O shape

Crocodile smilers imagine crushing every bug

Before returning to solitaire and innumerable

Facebook updates.


Smoke like a jealous lover hoards the city

Smothers the masses in her choking grasp

Industrial furnaces churn out mass produced

Tomorrow’s perfect flawed commodities

Shelf life limited


The seagulls fight over scraps

Countries and business

Scrabble and bicker over dwindled resources

Unsullied beauty

The prima donna runs from the stage her

Makeup ruined.


It is always four degrees colder under the

artificial steel valleys

Cold caress of monumental man

They erode nature’s purpose

Millennia replaced by minutes

Business and cities hold a diseased

Desperate need

To leave a legacy


Lines of tired and weary 

Tramp towards the factory gates

Shackled to endless drudgery

Unnoticed the fisher king flies away

His place of beauty overcome with dross


The music box winds down

The ballerina stoops

Gathers her flowers accepts the crowds ululations

Masked youths rebel before a burning bus

In their towers untouched

The great smile and crow

Let them eat cake

Amos Greig (2012)