Poets and artists who have submitted so far

Some of the writers and artists who have contributed have never been in print before whilst others have been published numerous times. 

New Clients?

The range and scope of the submissions for A New Ulster was simply amazing. Indeed many of the reviews have indicated the freshness and diversity of the content. We are open to traditional and the experimental.

Some of our Previous Clients:

  • Issue One featured the works of Judith Thurley, Micheal Mc Aloran, Colin Dardis, Csilla Toldy, Cliff Wedgbury and J. S. Watts
  • Issue Two featured the works of Micheal Mc Aloran, Alistair Graham, Heller Levinson, Inso, Jogn Liddy, Geraldine O'Kane, Aine MacAodha, Brian Adlai, J. S. Watts, Peter Pegnall and Peter Fahy.
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