Forward-Acharya Goswami Gokulotsavji Maharaj

Dr. Ibrahim Ali


Late Ustad Amir Khan, the founder of Indore Gharana, was dynamic person having talent with multiple dimensions. In addition to being a top vocalist, he was a sober man of Sufi temperament. His contemplation was so deep rooted that he occupies a unique place in the gayaki of every vocalist of today.


It has been the quality of his gayaki, that his vocalism was not merely a demonstration but it was real form of philosophy. Khayal is a meditation, Dhyan-yoga, and imagination generated from it, which is reflected every moment and manifests its existence in his singing. Probably, his inclination towards philosophy brought him near the literature, replete with philosophy of our Vallabh sect and Pushti Marg. As the nature of water is cool, howsoever hot it may be made, it becomes cool again. Similarly, with inclusion of all aspects, effortlessness is the permanent characteristic of his vocalism. The ease and soberness of his gayaki enabled the khayal singers with that culture [Tehzeeb] again, which should be expected from the form, considered to be classical and traditional. This publication is to bring in light the personality and his contribution, occupying the place of mile stone in the history of Indian Classical Music. This is the best utilization of high quality research work and dissertation.


Not focusing only on the biography of Ustad Amir Khan, the specialty of this publication is that it analyses every possible aspect of his vocal style and provides balanced comments to arrive at proper conclusions. It is an able Endeavour to express in words, the specialty of swara salient Expressive style.


It would be appropriate to mention about author of this book also. Dr. Ibrahim Ali has been receiving talim [training] in khayal gayaki from me since 1986. The capability he has acquired in practical aspect of music vocal, so we should hope for his bright future. There has been shortage of contribution of creative writing amongst artists themselves in India. Hence, I consider it as a good sign in this direction. If artists themselves write in the subject of music, then it makes possible to communicate authentically both aspects, musical expression and its impression; because along with practical presentation, it is natural for an artist to be a wise listener. Probably it would be the reason for success of this publication.


Acharya Goswami Gokulotsavji Maharaj,

Vocalist of Hindustani Classical Music,

Special Top Grade Artist of All India Radio & Door Darshan,

Scholar of Indian Philosophy & Ved-Vedant

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