2- Accurate Posture and Gesture
[Shudha Mudra]

Dr. Ibrahim Ali


The dimensions of shudha mudra, like a serene expression on the face, erect and stable sitting posture as in ‘Padmasana’ and avoidance of unwanted movement of limbs, were included in his mannerism. While performing, one of hand moved slightly, but it was never raised above shoulder. Pt. Ravishankar, Prabha Atre, G. N. Joshi, C. L. Das, Vasant Poddar, Mohan Nadkarni etc eye witnesses, have admired the shudha mudra and effective view of his concerts.


“A mehfil [concert] of Amir Khan’s was always a pleasant experience. He had a very impressive and magnetic personality. At his concerts, he would always sit in the posture of a yogi doing his tapasya [meditation], with closed eyes and deep meditation. He maintained the same position till the end of his concert. His smiling countenance, a total lack of gesticulation or facial distortion, his absolute concentration on the song, and the slow, gradual build-up of a raga picture, invariably kept his audience completely engrossed. He had, for accompaniment, two tanpuras tuned to perfection, a subdued harmonium and a tabla with a straight, simple but steady laya. An atmosphere of solemnity and tranquility pervaded his concerts, in striking contrast with the noisy and sometimes un musical gymnastic bouts, some singers have with the tabla player that entertain listeners with acrobatic, rather than providing them with aesthetic delight.”[i]


“There had been no singer [like Amir Khan] having such posture and gesture. While performing, there was no facial distortion, neither moving the hands, nor throwing them here and there.”[ii]

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