The Threshold

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As-salam alaykum,
Welcome to the threshold of what is the home to some of my recorded thoughts and products of a Muslim Gaze.  What appears on the page is the result of my own efforts skillfully guided and assisted by the patience of others whom Allah (swt) has placed upon my path as teachers, friends and collaborators and a few of whom merit special mention here.  Syd Dr M G Fatemi, Dr C T R Hewer, Shk Arif Abdul Hussein, Dr A G Fanaei, Dr I K A Howard, M K Shah, Shk M Ali, Rev S Ramsay, Q Shah, Y Lovelock, N Evans, D Earle, Rev Roger Hooker, Prof J Hick, Prof D Thomas and my father who have all been pivotal in my journey so far.
I am sometimes asked where my writings may be read.  This site is a growing repository for some of the many bon-bons, articles, essays, poems, opinions and lectures written during the last decade or two and represent my continuing Islamic gaze at a variety of subjects.  Most of the material here has been published or presented elsewhere or subjected to some form of editorial critique.
Today's Amin contains infrequent topical comments with an analysis based upon a verse of Qur'an or an Hadith.  I must apologise for the advertising on the forum plug-in that was linked to this page which appeared without my knowledge and was of an unsuitable nature. 
All praise and gratitude is for Allah, the Most Merciful Whirler of Hearts.
Wa salam, Shk Muhammad Amin Evans