Vapor Complex

Origins/Major Influence: My memories of Dystopian Rhetoric's posts in the Paranoia-Live's GM Meeting Room, Vapors Don't Shoot Back (Paranoia Mission)

Description: The ULTRAVIOLETs in Vapor Complex are implicitly trusted by The Computer, able to literally do anything without getting caught. For example, if the UVs wanted to spread communism, The Computer would let them spread communism - clearly, the UVs must have a good reason for doing it. In the rare event that The Computer gets upset by a UV's actions, all the UV has to do is erase The Computer's memories.

So the ULTRAVIOLETs live like kings, without any expectation of contributing back to the complex or even doing any management whatsoever (that responsibility goes to the overworked VIOLET supervisors). However, victory isn't exactly sweet. All their lives, the UVs have struggled, backstabbed, and fought for the right to climb up the security clearance ladder. Now that they're at the top, there's nowhere else to go. Nothing else to strive for. What's worse - your other ULTRAVIOLETs are your 'peers', exactly as equal as you in the eyes of The Computer. What to do then when you have everything and there's no more work for you to do?

Make up new work.

The ULTRAVIOLETs, to relieve their boredom and to give meaning to their lives, set up a very informal system of conduct, known as the "High Society". The point is to allow certain ULTRAVIOLETs to claim supremacy over other ULTRAVIOLETs by accumulating prestige through hosting regular parties, gathering Old Reckoning artifacts, increasing the metrics of their sectors, organizing Outdoors trips, etc. Really, the point of High Society is to serve as a source for petty feuds that makes life all-so-exciting . "Bob-U disrespected me at the last soirée? Well, let's see what happens when I send a Troubleshooter team to sabotage his nuclear power plant!"

The highlight of High Society is the annual Tournament, 'a complex, dangerous contest that is completely hidden from The Computer (they hope)'. The winner of the Tournament gain huge prestige and respect within the ULTRAVIOLET community. The latest version of the Tournament involve pitting Troubleshooter teams against each other in semi-covert gladiator matches disguised as routine Troubleshooting missions.

Spy From Another Alpha Complex: Each spy belongs to a Vapor Complex's Program Group, and they are helping their UV patron rise in High Society.

  • There is a cache of Old Reckoning artifacts that the Romantics have stashed within an HPD&MC vidshow studio. See if you could, uh, 'liberate' those artifacts for us.
  • You will meet a Troubleshooter team from Vapor Complex, participating in the annual Tournament. Don't worry - they're on our side - but could you make sure they don't get hurt in the process?
  • Oh, and you will see another Troubleshooter team from Vapor Complex, but this team works for that evil Bob-U. Blow them up to kingdom come.
  • Vapor Complex's Computer is starting to be a little suspicious of our High Society activities. Can you fabricate some threat to distract Friend Computer long enough so that we can quietly erase any evidence of our treasonous activities?