Time Tunnel

Origins/Major Influence: Vulture Warriors of Dimension X (Paranoia Unhistory Mission Pack)

Description: It all started in the wrecked husk of a destroyed complex, and a UV cabal who wanted to wanted 'to return to the good old days'. They developed a time machine, sent some troubleshooters into the past to save the complex, and---watched said troubleshooters end up destroying the complex, thereby creating a stable time loop.

Normally, that should be enough to discourage further time travel experimentation. But the UVs pressed onwards, authorizing more time travel missions and sending off more troubleshooters to their doom. Officially, it was to further the cause of science and explore the past...unofficially, it was to just gather more Old Reckoning artifacts and blackmail material that they can then use to keep the surviving proles in line. Slowly, the UV cabal consolidated power over the complex, but then paranoia kicked in. If the UV cabal can develop time travel, then so can other complexes. The war to control the timestream has begun.

Spy From Another Alpha Complex: Congratulations, you're a time traveller from the future - or maybe from the past...Alpha Complex has a remarkable ability to rebuild itself following a Computer crash and then erasing all evidence that Alpha Complex have ever crashed in the first place.

Point is, the UV cabal wants you to sacrifice your life to steal them pretty artifacts, gather more information about history, change said history to their liking, and to stop other people from tampering with the timestream (only we should be able to do so)! Here's some things to keep in mind though:

First, time travel is safe. It’s knowing what time travel can do that is dangerous. It’s clear that you can “change” the future...the research papers prove it. The exact mechanics are still murky however, and trying to comprehend and reconcile the various time paradoxes that occur on a daily basis has driven many an R&D scientist to the insane asylum. This means that the people who are most likely time travelling are the ones blissfully ignorant about its repercussions.

Second, there are certain “major events” that are fated to happen and cannot be retconned out of existence. Identifying and documenting these events is of the highest priority for the UV cabal. Knowing the limits of time travel allows for the time traveller to sidestep them and progress on his stated mission. One must not know too much though, otherwise you get a one-way ticket to the insane asylum.

Finally, the same process behind time travel could be easily used to travel between dimensions as well. Intervening in another dimension however is fraught with danger; at least when dealing with your dimension, you generally have a good idea of how history is “supposed” to be (even when you're from the past...you can always make a halfway decent prediction of what may happen in the future). Once you cross-over to the other side, all bets are off. The UV cabal only send missions into other dimensions only when absolutely necessary.