Barcode Printing Guidelines & Troubleshooting Tips

Consignors print all their barcodes from home or at a print shop on Avery labels (see below for label specifications) No more waiting for your order to be processed, easily print all the orders you need from the day registrations open, right up to your drop-off appointment!

Don't have a working printer? You have a few of options:

1) Once you have ordered your barcodes and receive the file, Upload it via email to Paradise Copies in Northampton Their phone number is 584-0414, and they are located at 21 Conz Street in Northampton. If Northampton is not a convenient location for you, there are many print shops that will allow you to do this, so you can explore this option in your own community.

2) Load your file onto a thumb drive and take it to a print shop yourself. Again, you will ensure the print quality we are seeking so your barcodes can be properly read.

3) If you are unable to print your barcodes before drop-offs begin, we will gladly print barcode labels for you at the sale location during drop-off. Just record the barcode labels that you need and bring your list to the sale during drop-offs PRIOR to your drop-off appointment, and we will print the barcode labels for you free of charge. Click HERE to create your list with this handy form.

Below you can find more helpful information on

    • Label specifications & resources, including direct links for ordering labels

    • Steps on how to order & print your barcodes

    • Frequently asked questions about barcodes

    • Troubleshooting if your labels are not printing correctly

Barcodes MUST be printed on labels that are compatible with "Avery Template 5160". These labels will be 1" x 2 5/8". If you don't use labels that correspond to Avery Template 5160 your barcode may print off the label and be unusable.

Labels following Avery Template 5160 standards come in a variety of brands and quantities and can be purchased for inkjet or laser printers. Different brands and quantities will have different product numbers, but labels that can be used to print All-4-Kids barcodes should say "Use Avery Template 5160" or "Compatible with Avery Template 5160" on the front of the package.

Here are some direct links to compatible labels at Staples and WalMart. If you cannot find them in the store or would rather order online, here are some options for you. You may have the option of having these items shipped from site to store so you can pick them up there:


Staples Inkjet/Laser 750 count

Staples Inkjet/Laser 3000 count (if you want to share with friends)

Avery Inkjet 750 count

Avery Laser 750 count


Avery brand Inkjet 750 count

Avery brand Laser 750 count

*Walmart carries Avery brand 300 count labels for $4.88 in-store.

Before printing, make sure you have the appropriate labels on hand. (see "Label Specifications" above)

    • Make a list of the barcodes you need. (see above "Steps for Determining the Barcodes You Need")

    • Click "Order Barcodes" at the bottom of this page to enter your list.

    • Once you submit an order, you will get a batch number. You can follow the on-screen instructions to print your labels immediately, or you can log in to your Consignor Homepage at a later date and select the batch number you wish to print. Make sure to print using either a laser printer or a high quality ink jet printer setting. Note that it is always a good idea to print on a blank sheet of paper first to check your printer alignment before printing on your labels.

And there you have it! As easy as 1, 2, 3! And you may repeat with subsequent orders as many times as you need to!


If your barcodes are not aligning properly on the labels, it is almost always related to your Adobe print settings, which is easily fixed in these simple steps:

    1. Have the labels displayed on your screen.

    2. From the FILE menu, choose PRINT.

    3. On the PRINT window that pops up, locate the "Page Handling" area which is usually about half way down on the left. There will be a "Page Scaling" drop=down box, and your options will include None, Fit to Printable Area, Shrink to Printable Area, Multiple Pages Per Sheet, ans Booklet Printing.

    4. Select "None" in the Page Scaling drop down box and then click OK to print your labels. It is always a good idea to print on a blank sheet of paper first to check the alignment of your labels before actually printing on your labels.

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