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Once you have priced your items, you are ready to order your barcodes. Using barcodes makes checkout a snap, but that is not the only thing we do with our barcodes. As a consignor, the barcodes will keep track of the number of items you sell, as well as how much each item sells for.

Some pricing tips:

When pricing your items, price them competitively – price to sell! We strongly encourage each of our consignors to carefully consider the pricing of their items. If our consignors continue pricing their items fairly, All-4-Kids will continue to be a win-win for both consignors and shoppers! Feel the rewards of all that cleaning out, and make your paycheck bigger. 25-30% of retail is a general guideline. This may vary with brand names and condition of items. We would like to have a lot less to hand back to you at pick-up time

Let things go for ½ price! It’s better to get 50% of the price then to have to bring home things you can’t use anymore, and your items will have a chance to sell for full price on Friday evening and all day Saturday. If you are using white tags and are planning to donate your unsold items barcodes should be discounted. The ½ price sale takes place on Sunday.

For those of you who are new to Barcoding or haven’t yet developed a system of your own, here are some suggestions below:

1. First make tags for all of your items using standard 3 x 5 index cards either white (to be donated), or colored (to be picked up if unsold) including all relevant information– please see a sample on our Tagging Instructions page. All items must have an index card so that a description of the item can be added, so the shopper can easily locate the description and price, and to make it a snap for our register scanners to locate the tag. No Barcode should be directly attached to any item - each barcode must be attached to an index card. Anything that is too small to have an index card attached to it, should be placed in a Ziploc bag with the tag inside. In the case of smaller books, you may use 1/2 index card. Your efforts to tag your items clearly and properly are much appreciated. Improperly tagged items will be rejected at check-in. Please try to place index cards over the manufacture's barcode whenever possible.

2. After you make the cards and attach them to your items, decide what price you want to sell each item for and whether you will want it discounted during our ½ price sale on Sunday and write that information on the bottom of the index card – you will cover this with a barcode later. See Pricing Guidelines for suggestions. You could also create pricing piles where you sort items by price, tally the number of items in each price pile, and then order the number of barcodes needed at each price.

3. Once you have written up all your cards, make a list of all the barcodes you will need (10 @$1.00 no discount, 4 @ $4.00, 5 @ $8.00, etc.) You might like to use this handy Barcode Order Sheet to help you put your list together. You can also bring this with you to drop-off if you would like us to print your labels for you. Just make sure to allow adequate time to adhere them to the tags before your drop-off appointment.

4. You may now go to the computer with your list, log in to the consignor homepage, and order your barcodes. Once logged in on your personal homepage screen, click on “order barcodes” and you will be taken to the barcode ordering screen. Put in the price you want on the label, the number of labels at that price, and whether to allow the discount. You will then click “submit barcode”. A list will begin to appear where you can view all the different prices and quantities you have entered so far. Once you have entered all the codes you need, you will then click on “submit order” to the right of the screen. This is an important step, and the order will not go through without clicking this step. You will then receive an email with your barcode pdf file which you can print at home on Avery style Labels (on a high quality setting), email to a printer such as Paradise Copies in Northampton, or put the file on a thumb drive and take it to a printer. Laser or high quality ink jet printing is recommended in order for barcodes to scan properly. See Barcode guidelines and troubleshooting tips for complete details.

Important: If you change your mind about pricing or discounting, you must use a new barcode label. Please do not stack barcodes by placing a new barcode on top of an old barcode - please make a new tag with a new barcode rather than sticking a new barcode over the old barcode. We will compare all stacked barcodes at check-out, which takes extra time, so we ask that you create a new tag and barcode. In the event of a stacked barcode, the bottom bar code's consignor number is given credit, and if the consignor numbers on both barcodes match, the lowest price will be used. Also, crossing out and changing information will not work as the information is embedded in the barcode itself.

Ready to order your Barcodes? You may order barcodes on the CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE .

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