Q: Do I have to provide my own hangers? If so, where is a good place to get them?

A: Yes, consignors provide their own hangers. For smaller children's clothing, child-size hangers are preferred, but for larger children's clothing, adult or wire hangers work fine. Adult wire hangers work particularly well for hanging pants and shorts, by pinning them to the upper slanted parts of the hanger. If you need to purchase hangers, try discount stores such as Ocean State Job Lot and Job Lots, or department stores such as Target or Wal-Mart. Some retail clothing stores may also put hangers aside for you if you call ahead.

Q: Do I have to use an index card or can I place a barcode directly onto an item?

A: Every item that you tag for sale, must have an index card with your seller number, size & gender if applicable, a description of the item, and a barcode. It is okay to use 1/2 an index card masking taped to books. Small items should be placed in a ziploc bag with the full size tag inside. No item should come to us with only a barcode on it, or it will be rejected.


Q: As a seller, can I place my barcode directly onto an item without using an index card?

A: No, all barcodes must be adhered to an index card which holds all the information, including a brief description of the item. Items incorrectly tagged will not be accepted at check-in.

Q: What if I change my mind about the price on a barcode or whether to discount it or not - do I need a new barcode?

A: If you change your mind, and have already affixed the barcode to the index card, you must create a new tag with a new barcode rather than stacking one barcode on top of another. We will compare all stacked barcodes at check-out, which takes extra time, so we ask that you create a new tag and barcode. In the event of a stacked barcode, the bottom barcode's consignor number is given credit, and if the consignor numbers on both barcodes match, the lowest price will be used.

Q: I do not have a computer or printer at home, how can I get my labels?

A: You have a few options for this. Once you order your barcodes and your pdf file is created, 1) you can email your file directly to a print shop such as Paradise Copies or Staples, and pick up when ready, or 2) you can put your file on a thumb drive or a disc and take it to a printer. For more information, see Barcode Ordering & Troubleshooting Tips.

Q: If I have barcodes left over from a previous sale, is it okay to use them?

A: The important information embedded in the barcode is your seller number, the price you are asking, and whether you want the item discounted. If all those are correct and the barcodes are clearly printed and in excellent condition, this is fine. It's always best to have barcodes printed on the highest quality setting to make sure they will scan during check-out.

Q: What if I need e few barcodes printed at my drop-off appointment?

A: If you need another few labels printed when you bring your items for drop-off, we can do this for you on the spot. We cannot print full orders.

Q: What do the letters to the right of the barcode mean?

A: These are resort codes that we use to group your items during the sorting process.


Q: Why do I need to bring my items sorted by size and gender?

A: We take in a large volume of clothing and other items in a very short period of time, and all drop-off is done by appointment. In order to stay on schedule and best support the efforts of our hard-working volunteers who are placing the items, your efforts of sorting are of utmost importance so your items can be efficiently inspected and placed on our sales floor. It helps us to stay on schedule and not get backed up. We thank you for your help with this!

Q: Why do you reject some items?

A: We want to make sure our shoppers are receiving the very best quality in the gently used items we sell. Items that have flaws, are soiled, or missing pieces are the kinds of items we may reject in order to maintain our reputation for quality items. Sometimes things slip through our checkers, so we need each and every consignor to check clothing, count puzzle pieces, inventory game pieces, and screen for recalled items. If each consignor makes this effort, it will be another way to support the efforts of our checkers and to pass only quality items on to you, and our other shoppers!

Q: How many appointments do I need?

A: Generally, we are able to check in about 150-200 items in one 15-minute drop-off appointment. You should reserve a second appointment if you have more than 200 items, and up to 400 items.

Pick-up of Unsold, Colored-Tagged Items

Q: What if I cannot come between 4:00 and 5:00 on Sunday to pick up my unsold, Colored-Tagged items?

A: If you are unable to come pick up your items on Sunday, you may designate someone to pick them up for you. Please inform Molly at your drop-off appointment who will be picking up for you, or call her before Sunday to let her know.

General Questions

Q: If I am bringing an item that is large and can be dissembled, will I need to reassemble at drop-off?

A: All items that come in dissembled, or in parts, will need to be accompanied by assembly instructions, all hardware needed, and a photograph if possible of the assembled item. You do not need to reassemble at drop-off as the buyer will most likely need to transport your item in parts as well, although for display purposes it may be beneficial for us to assemble the item so it can be better displayed for shoppers. Instructions are key. Just a reminder that we do not accept drop-down cribs or cribs manufactured before 2011, and all children's furniture must be cleared by CPSC. Please see the links on our "What's for Sale?" page. All Pack 'n Plays will be opened and displayed that way during the sale.

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