Pricing Guidelines

When pricing your items, price them competitively and fairly - price to sell! Feel the rewards of all that cleaning out. 25-30% of retail is a general guideline. This may vary with brand names, material, and new or gently used condition of items. We find grouping your items by type (shoes, pants, shirts, etc.), helps you to come up with fair price ranges. A good measure for pricing is to you ask yourself whether you would pay that price for an item. If you change your mind about pricing or discounting after you have already place the barcode on the tag, you must use a new barcode label. Please don't place new barcode labels over old ones. You should remove the old label first. Crossing out and changing information will not work as the information is embedded in the barcode itself.

Let things go for 1/2 price on Sunday! If items haven't sold after Friday and Saturday, it's better to get 50% of the price than to have to bring things back home! We would like to have a lot less to hand back to you at pick-up time! Barcodes on White-tagged items must be discounted. 1/2 price sale takes place on Sunday of the sale weekend.

Tip: When pricing your items, we suggest penciling in your price at the bottom of the tag where the barcode will be placed so you can tally prices when ordering barcodes. You will cover the penciled-in price with a barcode label later. Please see diagram in Tagging Instructions. No hand written prices will be accepted. Remember, an item without a barcode cannot be sold, even if it has a hand-written price.

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