Miscellaneous Information

Medal of Honor Graphic Novels
AUSA is publishing a series of graphic novels portraying the actions that caused
recipients to be awarded the Medal of Honor.  The novels are created by a team of
professional comics book writers and artists.  One of the latest to be released is about
Iowa native and Hiawatha Post 735 Legionnaire SSG Sal Giunta.
To view and download SSG Giunta's graphic novel, click here.  You will also
be able to view and download other novels in the series using the same link.

Phishing Scam
20 August 2019
Several members have contacted The American Legion National Headquarters
indicating they received a phone call from someone claiming to represent
The American Legion- specifically National Adjutant Dan Wheeler- requesting
the member's checking account number so they could make a donation to
The American Legion.  Anyone making such a call is operating a scam!

The American Legion National Headquarters has not and will never
call members requesting this type of information!

Every Department has a story
In coordination with National, The Department of Iowa has created a "map" of how the
Iowa American Legion came to be.  Above is just one side of the "placemat" that can be
printed at almost any size.  For the best clarity, 11" x 17" is recommended.
To download a PDF version, click here.

The Verified Veteran & Military Spouse Market Space
A Proud member of The American Legion Small Business Task Force, the
Verified Veteran & Military Spouse Market Space is a "one-stop" shop for those
seeking to buy goods and services from Veterans and Military Spouses.  To go to
the website, click on the logo above.  As the website is still growing, check back
often to see what's new.

Military, Veteran and Military Family Discounts
The American Legion has added a new page to the National website
that lists discounts for Military (Active, Reserves, Guard Members), Retirees,
Veterans and Dependents.  To go to the webpage, click here.

To go to the US Army M1 Garand Operation, Safety and
Maintenance website, click here.

To go to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) website page which also
contains information on the operation, safety and maintenance of
the M1 Garand, click here.

Honor Guard Reimbursement Increase
The Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) has announced an increase in
the amount of money a Post can request in a 12 month period from the Iowa
Veterans Trust Fund.  Effective 18 May 2016 the amount increased from $500
to $1,000.  To read the press release put out by the IDVA, click here.

WW II and Pheasant Sandwiches
During World War II, troop trains on their way to the coast stopped in Aberdeen,
South Dakota.  The community provided the troops with meals during the stop.  Initially
the meals were ham sandwiches, pie, coffee, milk and cookies.  Then local farmers started
donating pheasant.  To read the full story and learn how to make your own pheasant
sandwiches, click here.
~Story courtesy of Pheasants Forever

50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemoration
There are many events planned to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War
and to honor the Veterans who served our country during that time.  During the
National Convention, BG John Rose with the Vietnam Commemoration Commission addressed the
National Security Commission, outlining some of the commission's goals and some of the events
planned.  To find out more about the current plans and how you and your Post can become
involved, click here.

To go to the online Vietnam Veterans Memorial, click here.

The Legion d'Honneur
Knight of the Legion of Honor
The French government is honoring all U.S. servicemembers who participated in
one of 3 campaigns that were conducted on French soil during World War II.  To view the
qualifications for the award and download a copy of the application, click here.

Want to learn a little more about the medal and some of the history behind
it, click here.