Rifles & Blank Ammunition

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There are several steps involved in obtaining blank ammunition for use in funeral honors
and other ceremonies.  Prior to requesting the blank ammunition, it might help if you 
check on the status of your rifles.

You are required to inventory rifles you received from the Department of Defense (DOD) 
every 3 years.  If you have a static display (howitzer, tank, etc) that was provided by the
DOD, a certification form (with photos) is required annually indicating that you wish to
keep the display and that it is being maintained.  

Below are some of the forms you may need to complete:

Ceremonial Rifle Inventory-  If you haven't submitted an inventory to the United States Army
Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, Life Cycle Management Command 
(USATACOM LCMC), Warren, Michigan, you may need to submit one.

Annual Certification- This form is completed and submitted each year (along with the appropriate
photos) that your Post maintains a DOD provided static display such as a howitzer, tank, etc.

Privacy Act Notice-  If the information you submit includes a member's personal data,
they may be asked to complete this form.

It should be noted that Posts are only authorized to have fifteen (15) DOD issued rifles.
If your Post has more than 15 rifles, you will probably be asked to turn in the excess
rifles.  As with an out of date rifle inventory, you may not be allowed to request blank
ammunition until you have turned in any excess rifles.

Additionally, if you were not issued rifles by the DOD, you WILL NOT be able to obtain
blank ammunition from the US Army Joint Munitions Command (USA JMC).

For a brochure on the Ceremonial Rifle, Army Donations Program, click here.

To Request Blank Ammunition or Ceremonial Rifles:
To request Ceremonial Rifles, Blank Ammunition or military equipment for static display,
download and complete the form below:

Once you have completed the form, mail it to Department HQ at:

The American Legion
Department of Iowa
720 Lyon Street
Des Moines, IA  50309

If your rifle inventory is not current, you will not be allowed
to request blank ammunition.

Click here for the current M1 Garand Operation & Maintenance Guide. 

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Support for Veteran Organizations
The CMP will provide support to Veteran Organizations who have been issued rifles by USATACOM LCMC.
For advice, support, information and Points of Contact (POC), click here.