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Every Department has a story
In coordination with National, The Department of Iowa has created a "map" of how the
Iowa American Legion came to be.  Above is just one side of the "placemat" that can be
printed at almost any size.  For the best clarity 11" x 17" is recommended.
To download a PDF version, click here.

2nd District Media & Communications Committee
The 2nd District Media & Communications Committee stands ready to assist you
when it comes to promoting your Post.  This page contains information on everything
from starting a Post publication to promoting your Post in the media.  Have an idea or
need something you can't find here?  Contact:
Committee Chairman
Bill Goodman, Oxford Junction Post 473
Committee Member
Dick Hogan, Marion Post 298

The American Legion
Media Alliance
As you may be aware, The American Legion ceased involvement with the National American Legion Press Association (NALPA) after financial and trademark concerns were discovered last summer.
Following that decision, National Adjutant Dan Wheeler directed the National Media and Communications Commission to to form a task force in order to create a successor to NALPA; this new organization would focus on priorities for those producing media at the Post, District and/or Department level.  They began work in January and quickly moved to form a new organization: The American Legion Media Alliance or TALMA.  The priorities of TALMA are to provide:

-Resources, tips and other materials to promote The American Legion, Post events, etc.
-A press credential for members in good standing.
-Training, to include but not limited to the annual workshop at the National Convention.
-Continuance of an annual Media & Communications Contest.
The American Legion Media Alliance (TALMA) is open to anyone who is a current member of any branch of The American Legion Family.  It is intended to be for members who handle various types of media (such as public relations, website and social media management, newsletters, etc) at the Post, County, District, and/or Department levels.
The membership year runs 1 September thru 31 August and dues are $15.00 per year.  To sign up, please visit By joining now, your membership will be good thru 31 August 2021.

Information Links

Public Relations Publications

Centennial Celebration
To go to The American Legion Centennial Celebration website, click here.


      ~Michael Peterson

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