Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists

A primary aim of The Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists (AILIS) is to foster better communication and closer co-operation amongst international librarians and information specialists in the Geneva - Lausanne area. But more than that, because of the great changes that have occurred in the world of information during last decade, AILIS provides an opportunity to learn about the trends in our profession. In particular AILIS co-sponsors the programme "Library Science Talks" which consists of 5-6 presentations per year given by internationally recognized specialists in the field.

International organizations are major providers and users of data and need to stay current to continue serving their constituents with easily accessible and up-to-date information. Their libraries and information centres play a vital role in this work.

AILIS assists in this effort by finding practical ways of promoting co-operation amongst its members.

In addition to seminars and lectures, AILIS organizes regular visits to international libraries and information centres, training courses and provides a meeting point for its members.


We have a Facebook site where you can share articles, photos, images, videos, links to web pages etc; a YouTube channel where we share recordings of our Library Science Talks, and a LinkedIn group. Join us! 


AILIS is a proud member of IFLA