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Agile Project Management Aspects in the Cloud

There are many project management strategies used in software development exhibiting various degrees of success during time. In latest years, agile methodologies proved their effectiveness, allowing a faster time to market and better return on investment.

Agile methodologies should not be considered to be completely different from the traditional ones, however, an important aspect to be noticed is that some ideas from traditional methodologies are changed in order to increase their efficiency and some of them, like Extreme Programming (XP), takes practices to their logical extremes.

If you are used to traditional software development techniques, how can you grasp agile methodologies at a quick glance and adapt to agile practices?

There are multiple websites dedicated to project management in general, the structure of PMP exam subjects being a widespread topic for presenting classical project management aspects.

There are also websites that are dedicated to agile methodologies exclusively, like Scrum and XP and to other project management methodologies like Theory of Constraints and the latest trends which are part of Management 3.0.

This website builds a bridge between classical project management structured after the PMP exam roadmap and agile methodologies like Scrum and XP.

In 430+ pages spread over topics outlined in the PMP exam, you will gather a quick glance to classical themes of project management and to agile aspects at the same time.

Another interesting trend in the last years is Cloud Computing and its wide applicability in different scenarios. ITIL practices can be adapted to Cloud Computing and such aspects constitute the focus of another dedicated section of this site.

The website is organized in three main categories, one focused on the PMP roadmap with presentation of agile aspects where applicable, another one more focused on agile management, Scrum and XP details and the last one focused on the more functional dimension of managing services in the Cloud from an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) perspective:

·         PMP Notes & Scrum Aspects

·         Agile Management Aspects, Scrum, XP

·         IT Service Management in the Cloud


I would ask you the following:


·         Are you used to traditional project management and want to quickly transition to Scrum/XP?

·         Do you want to get a quick grasp of project management concepts for the PMP exam?

·         Are you interested in project management and in its evoluation over time?

·         Do you want to find out more about Scrum and XP in a timely manner?

·         Are you interested in Cloud Computing service management from an IT perspective?


If most of your answers are “yes”, then – I wish you a pleasant reading.



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