Upcoming Events

Open Meeting

Friday, September 8th at 2 PM

Please join us for an open brainstorming meeting focusing on the year ahead for AFR Pittsburgh! We will discuss:

  • Grant opportunities tied to the Performing Arts Readiness Network
  • Workshops and meetings we can offer for our newest members to the group and the field
  • Plans for our 10 year anniversary coming up in June 2018
This meeting will be hosted in the Preservation Department at the University of Pittsburgh's library system and we will gladly give tours of the space and talk about our work here at the university and beyond.
Though not required, please RSVP by September 5th to help us with planning. (mln26@pitt.edu)

Rm 208, Preservation Dept, ULS
University of Pittsburgh
7500 Thomas Blvd
Pittsburgh (Point Breeze neighborhood)


The steering committee is always working on ideas but feel free to contact us with program ideas or suggestions. Programs in which we visit a smaller institution and offer disaster-related advice are usually well-received. If you'd like us to come visit your institution, let us know!