Membership is open to any individual or institution who has an active interest in cooperative approaches to disaster preparedness, emergency management, and cultural heritage protection. This is a volunteer-based organization and there are no dues or fees. Attendance at meetings is strongly encouraged but we understand that work schedules cannot always accommodate our meeting times.

Who We Are:
  • First Responders/Emergency Management personnel
  • Curators
  • Archivists
  • Librarians
  • Preservation Specialists
  • Disaster Recovery Vendors
  • Conservators
  • Safety and Security staff
  • Anyone with an interest in protecting cultural resources
What We Do:
In order to foster cooperative efforts to mitigate disasters impacting cultural heritage institutions, AFR Pittsburgh actively coordinates:
  • Networking
  • Information sharing
  • Increased awareness and encouragement of Disaster Planning
  • Providing opportunities for disaster recovery education
  • Interaction with local and state Emergency Management
  • Preparing and responding collectively to disasters in the Region
  • Identify existing resources (materials and expertise) needed after a disaster

Why Join?

As a member of the Pittsburgh-area Alliance for Response, you may benefit in a number of ways. We have provided table-top exercises, panel discussions, brief training sessions, and other educational programs at our meetings, which are free to attend. AFR Pittsburgh has also used meetings to visit institutions in need of preservation and risk-assessment advice. Your institution can benefit from our knowledge, just as much as your own professional development can.

If you wish to be a member of AFR Pittsburgh, please fill out the 2 forms attached below. Instructions for submission are listed on the forms. If you have a question, please contact Miranda Nixon at

Our attending members represent a wide scope of the tri-state area and have led to the creation of other AFR areas, such as the Northwest PA AFR group.

Member Representation
August Wilson Center for                 African American Culture
Behavioral Measurement                 Database Services (BMDS)
Carnegie Museum of Natural           History
City of Pittsburgh, Emergency         Management Services
Geneva College
Senator John Heinz History             Center
Hunt Institute for Botanical             Documentation
New Walford

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