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Read the sub-headings listed on the outline on the Home page, or in the subpages links below first; then have a look at the star system data sheets for more setting information.  The large sector map is attached as well.  A few notes about the sector map.
  • It's color coded for political affiliation:
    • Red—Bernese system
    • Pink—Bernese ally
    • Blue—Revanchist system
    • Light blue—Revanchist ally
    • Purple—Imperial system
    • Lavender—Imperial ally
    • Green—Cilindarean system
    • Light green—Cilindarean ally
    • Gray—Dhangetan system
    • Beige—Smaller polity
    • Yellow—Independent
  • If you haven't read the space travel page, you should read that first.  It will make the map make more sense.  Same for the star mapping page.
  • The red systems at the top represent the border of the Bernese Monarchy.  The red systems further down in the map represent colonies that are somewhat autonomously governed and outside of the royal "heartland" so to speak.
  • The same is true for the Republic (heartland's border is in the very far top right corner) and the Seraean Empire: the border is the line of purple systems to the right.  This sector is not one that's on the mainstream space-lanes—in fact, space lanes are mostly unestablished altogether for this region.  This is a colonial region, and the "vibe" of the New Alderamin sector should be similar to the "Scramble for Africa".
  • This is not true, however, for the Dhangetan territory, which is completely within this sector, or the Cilindarean Arm, about half of which is in this sector.  Both, however, should be seen as considerably smaller territories than the Republic, the Monarchy or the Empire.
  • There are three levels of development for the sector map—those that have star system data sheets (considered more or less "fully" developed", those that have only names but no other development, and those that have neither.  I'm actually considering leaving it exactly like that—some setting development is both necessary and desirable, and leaving some systems named but undeveloped gives me some opportunities as well.  But having a large number of systems that are there, but about which I know literally nothing except that they're there is a good thing.  It gives me plenty of leeway to create as needed on the fly.
I'll probably continue to slowly and gradually add more star system data sheets here and there, at least until Outremer is filled in a bit more, and the Principality of Tan Kajak, the rest of the Bernese colonies (The Machesk Frontier, the Emerus Marches, and the Viomium Marches, at least) and the Revanchist colonies (The Rhyne Colony and the Calder Settlements) as well as a few independent worlds as needed, and the Takach Kingdom. Maybe I'll do some of the Altair Ascendencies too. But there's no hurry there, honestly.  The list below is the data sheets already done, separated by political affiliation.

Follow this link to see a description of the various "nations" depicted on the map.

Bernese Monarchy
Carrick Grand Marches
Carthen Colony
Cilindarean Arm
Dhangetal Cartel
Independent Imperial Ally
Independent Republic Ally
Principality of Tan Kajak

Revanchist Republic
Seraean Empire
Voormellei Federation
Vorgan Than Viceroyalty

Jun 30, 2017, 5:18 AM