Syntactic Reference Corpus of Medieval French (SRCMF)

Nouveau Corpus d'Amsterdam (NCA)

Software (for academic, non-commercial use only):

  • For Helmut Schmid's TreeTagger: Parameters for Old French:
  • For TIGERSearch (IMS, Universität Stuttgart): patched tiger.jar file for Mac OS X (compiled by Cyprian Gerstenberger; replace the original file in the lib directory with this version)
  • Dependency Parsing: Old French models for two mate tools parsers, trained on SRCMF 0.9 texts, as described in Stein 2016 (LREC paper). The paper and a readme file are contained in the zip archives:
    • for the mate tools joint transition parser (zip, 362MB): joint analysis of part of speech, morphological features, and dependencies
    • for the mate tools graph-based parser (zip 67MB): contrary to the approach described in the LREC paper, this package contains models for a full mate tools pipeline including lemmatisation, part of speech, morphological features, and dependencies. Results can be slightly improved if lemmatisation and tagging are done using TreeTagger and Marmot, see my other resources.
  • Dependency Parsing: Modern French models for the mate tools graph-based parser (zip 15MB). Trained on a small (+30k words) training corpus using the original SRCMF categories (LAS 79.93%).

Lexical resources

Tutorials (in German or English)