I am a full professor of Romance Linguistics at the Institut für Linguistik/Romanistik at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, since 2000. I studied French, English, and Italian, graduated at the University of Erlangen/Nürnberg, wrote my doctoral dissertation in Romance linguistics at the University of Stuttgart and my habilitation thesis at the University of Cologne.

Most of my work is on French and Italian. My research is focused on lexical semantics and language contact, in synchrony and diachrony. I use computational and corpus linguistic methods and tools and I developed resources for French (Medieval and Modern), Italian and Medieval Sardinian. My current research in the Resarch Unit SILPAC is directed towards "psycho-historical" linguistics, i.e. the links between language change, acquisition, and processing.

Contact me via my C@mpus card

A short link to this website is https://tinyurl.com/achimstein