Sources of information


Forbes, Patrick.  6th Guards Tank Brigade: The Story of Guardsmen in Churchill Tanks.  Sampson Low, Marston & Co Ltd London.  1949.  This is the definitive history of the Brigade but is unfortunately out of print.  It can be purchased from £50-150 from specialist booksellers. It is usually available from

Erskine, David.  The Scots Guards 1919-1955.  The Naval and Military Press.  ISBN: 1843420619.  This contains superb detail of the 3rd Scots Guards from Normandy to the Baltic.

Farrell, Charles.  Reflections, 1939-1945: A Scots Guards Officer in Training and War. ISBN: 185821761X.  This is the memoirs of Major Farrell who was originally a Captain in Left Flank Squadron and became Squadron Commander of "S" Squadron of 3rd Scots.

Dalglish, Ian.  Operation Bluecoat: The British Armoured Breakout.  Leo Cooper.  ISBN: 0850529123.  This is an excellent account of the Battle of Caumont.

Fortin, Ludovic.  British Tanks in Normandy.  Histoire and Collections.  ISBN: 2915239339.  Superb book for details of different types of tanks and the armoured divisions and brigades.

British Army of the Rhine Battlefield Tour: Operation Bluecoat.  Available from  Details VIII corps operations south of Caumont 30-31st July 1944.

British Army of the Rhine Battlefield Tour: Operation Veritable.  Available from  Details XXX corps operations between the Rivers Maas and Rhine 8-10th February 1945.


Imperial War Museum The IWM has several photographs of the Brigade and approximately 1 hours worth of original film footage.  You can search for the photographs online and order copies (£10 each).  You can arrange to view the footage at the museum's private cinema.  This is well worth doing if you are interested.  They will also copy the footage to video/DVD for a fee.

The National Archives  The war diaries of the 3 battalions are available for viewing at the National Archives at Kew, London.  I have viewed the 3rd Scots war diary and in my view it does not contain anything of interest over and above the Forbes' and Erskine's books.


The Tank Museum  Superb website dedicated to tanks.



6th Guards Tank Brigade tank names  This website lists the tank names of the Brigade. 


Flames of War  This website has information on Churchills in Normandy, lists the tank names of the Brigade and shows the insignia on the tanks.


Armour in Focus  This website focuses on Churchill tanks.


The Churchill Tank Project  This website tells of the restoration to full running order of three Churchill Tanks.