3rd Tank Battalion Scots Guards


Nemo me impune lacessit

No-one provokes me with impunity


Composition of Battalion

Battalion HQ; Recce Troop; Right Flank Squadron (Squadron HQ and No. 1-4 Troops); "S" Squadron (Squadron HQ and No. 7-10 Troops); Left Flank Squadron (Squadron HQ and No. 11-15 Troops)

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Sergeant James (Jim) Alldred Tank Commander 3rd Scots

Sergeant Alastair John Fleming 'S' Squadron and driver/mechanic 3rd Scots

Guardsman Peter Muir Findlay Gunner 3rd Scots

Guardsman John Paterson Prentice operator/gunner 3rd Scots

Guardsman William Sloan Young wireless operator 3rd Scots

Guardsman John Louden Tank Commander 3rd Scots

Guardsman Archie Garland hull gunner 3rd Scots

Sergeant Andrew Hay 3rd Scots

Guardsman John (Ian) Allan Baird 3rd Scots

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This details the movements of the 3rd Scots, whose command they were under, and which infantry they supported.