6th Guards Tank Brigade

Guards in Churchill tanks

This web site is continuously under construction and is dedicated to the 6th Guards Tank Brigade of which my grandfather was a tank commander and troop sergeant  in 3rd (Tank) Scots Guards battalion.  The site is intended to provide information about the Brigade and the battalions of which it comprised.  If you were in the Brigade or had relatives in the Brigade, I would be extremely pleased to hear from you.  Please email me at the address at the foot of this page.
Please also join the 6th Guards Tank Brigade Group on Facebook - just search for "6th Guards Tank Brigade" 

Composition of the Brigade

HQ 6th Guards Tank Brigade

4th Tank Battalion Grenadier Guards

4th Tank Battalion Coldstream Guards

3rd Tank Battalion Scots Guards 

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers REME


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Drawing by my grandfather of the "Fall of Goch" during Operation Veritable, Winter 1945