2018-2019 Round 5 Seminar List  (also shown at the bottom of this page) S

Remember when signing up, that if you pick any seminar as more than one choice, you will glitch the system and not get any seminar.

Check this sheet after you submit the form. 
  1. If your student's row is highlighted red, then they did not enter their student ID correctly and must fill out the form again.
  2. If your student's row is highlighted black with red lettering, then they chose more than one seminar as their first, second, or whatever choice and must fill out the form again.  For example, if Aaron picks all three—Zork I, Science of Gum, and Spaghetti Bridge—as his second choice, it will glitch the system.

Students are listed numerically by Student ID#.  (Press Control-F on a PC or Command-F on a Mac to search)

Current Round (Don't expect anything in this section before February 24th)
  • If your row has one or more "E's", then you are enrolled in the seminar whose columns the "E's" are in.
  • If your row does not have an "E" in it, then you did not get into a seminar.
Past Rounds
  • A "1" indicates credit earned.
  • Any other letter means...well, you better contact the teacher who gave the seminar.

2018-2019 Round 5 Seminar List