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This is home page for the study group re-reading Keynes. It will contain the sequence of posts/lessons as we go through the book, and relevant other materials.

This website will be used to organize and store lectures on Re-Reading Keynes, and associated materials, in a systematic way. These lectures will also be posted on:

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Professor Rod O'Donnell is trying to collect the works of Keynes: JMK Writings Project.

Detailed studies by Brian Ferguson of the historical background and the intellectual environment of Keynes will be extremely useful; Start with: Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1): Chapter One, Background and Historical Setting 

Click on links in the Central Column below to get to the lesson. These are sequenced by number and according to date. 

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DatePost/LessonBrief Description
DatePost/LessonBrief Description
November 6, 2016 L1 Motivation Why Study Keynes? 
November 13, 2016 L2 Methodology for Re-Reading Keynes How to read Keynes in Historical Context 
November 20, 2016 L3 Impact of Keynes Post-Keynesian History examines influence of Keynes on 20th century 
November 27, 2016 L4 Entanglement Aspects of Polanyi's methodology: Objective & Subjective are inextricably entangled 
December 4, 2016 L5 Intellectual Context Economic ideas informing discourse in early 20th Century 
December 11, 2016 L6: GT01 Short 1st Chapter of GT: General Theory analyzed 
December 18, 2016 L7 GT02: Keynesian Unemployment How Keynes theory differs radically from classical, conventional 
January 13, 2017 L8 Keynesian Complexity Keynes initiated a complex systems approach but followers failed to understand it 
Showing 8 items