• Hiked 170 miles with 72,000 feet of elev gain/loss.
  • Drove 1,400 miles (spectacular mt. passes, valleys, villages, hamlets, etc.)
  • Car rental and gas: averaged $40/day, then split 2 ways
  • Lodging: averaged < $40/night (inc. breakfast). Hostels & fabulous B&B's
  • Food: ranged from $15 to $20/day
  • Dropped six pounds from 144 to 138. Betty's home cooking will add that back :)

Route Map: traveled west to east

  • Aug. 7, flew to Geneva via D.C., (about 14 hours).
  • Region #1: Mattertal -> Grachen/Rittimen, SaasFee- German speaking. 
  • Region #2: Valais -> Arolla (Bertol Hut). French speaking.
  • Region #3: Bernese Alps -> Interlachen/Grindewald : Faulhorn - Bussalp
  • Region #4: Ticino region: -> Dalpe, Cap. Tencia; and Grumo: Cab. Adula (Italian speaking)
  • Region #5: Engadine region -> LaPunt: Piz Languard; Muragl lp; Piz Nair lp.; Coaz Hutte; & Swiss Nat. Park
  • Region #6: Scuol (lower Engadine): speak Romansch (very old).

Meet Jo Kreysler

Three to four hours of conversation (at breakfast) over the past week. Google him

Jo is one of the most esteemed human beings I've met in my life time. Humble and very unassuming --- but very excited to share his thoughts and experiences! He's worked  in health care for over 20 years in Africa, and is a world renowned figure in the Red Cross and WHO (World Health Organization). He points to the need for serious attention to the global governance of major public health and related issues.

Thoughts prior to trip:
Back in 2003 I had the opportunity to make my initial hiking and light-climbing trip to the Alps. Over a 5-week time frame my local hiking partner (Dwayne) and I were able to scope out the Alps in Austria, SW Germany, and Switzerland. Along the way we met a local hiker, Frank Mazer, who shared some of his favorite hikes and trekked with us for several days.

Although we didn't reconnect on our 2007 trip, we've stayed in touch (email and Skype) and this summer I have an opportunity to meet him in Geneva. Frank will share some of his favorite hikes, in addition to trekking in some regions he still wishes to explore.

He's currently living outside Vevey (near Geneva), so the trip will begin there in the Valais region. We'll also spend some time in the Silvretta Alps and the Swiss National Park, and the rest depends on weather and whims.

Technology: I'm taking my iPhone and a tiny 8.9" netbook (wireless with webcam). I'm very curious how these small and powerful technologies will help connect me with family and friends back home. I'll be working offline to manage all photos, videos and daily logs, then periodically seek out an Internet cafe and quickly synchronize to this website. I'll also be using Skype to chat with my wife, and son and family.

Don't forget that Switzerland is 9 hours ahead of us!