Learn how to upgrade your travel and hot weather experience!
Sweat Less, feel like it is some 16 °F, 8 °C, cooler! 
  Carry Less, from 1 oz, 30 g!  A minimalist approach.  From 24 items total, including even the clothes worn. Also safety tips.

News. Ryanair and Wizz Air New bag policy, Nov. 2018. Size of free carry-on bag Ryanair: 16 x 8 x 10 inches, 40 x 20 x 25 cm = 20 liters. Wizz Air slightly bigger. That is little! I  am just trying it on a 6 week visit on Bali, Indonesia. I have tried two varieties of very little or no luggage before: I traveled with: Only the clothes on the back and All in the pockets!  See below. Typical carry-on have three times this volume.

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Something wrong with this outfit when it is 108 °F, 42 °C?
I give over 20 suggestions for better temperature comfort in my reports! If you e.g. find only 5 you are missing a massive perceived temperature drop.
  1. Leading edge technology for Heat Relief 
Two reports
Beat the heat with the right clothes with seventeen Novel Features of (travel) Clothes to keep you cooler.
Beat the heat with equipment, e.g. sun shades, and techniques.
Takes you 20, several novel, cooling steps, degree by degree, below the Guidelines of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, of USA. 
I have sweated over the details - and you will be less likely to sweat bullets or - die from heatstroke.
Perceived temperature drop some 15 F, 8 C.    
72 Letter/A 4 pages (equivalent to some 140 pages in a paperback) and 36 pictures.

Feeling too hot?

There are 20 thing you can do beyond "loose fitted light colored dress and a hat"! 

Brain and brave

Cleavage Luggage. Nano size. Minimalism.

2. Travel Super Ultra Light & Compact Crash Course
A Californian went from suitcase to briefcase! Including an Ipad. Inspired by my reports? Absolutely!
Ad Packing Ultra Compact to your repertoire! Packing Light is million of years old - Homo Habilis did it. With compact gear you can carry more or all in the pockets.

Going lighter will cost you less and save you more

Nine reports

New!  Traveling with all in the pockets. No bag! Pushing that limit.
New! Weeks of travel with only the clothes on the back. A detailed report of the ups and downs. 

Compact Luggage: 1 oz, 30 g.
Manage without in luggage.
Gear for Around Town, in the pockets: 10 oz, 280 g.  What we always carry for safety.
Manage without some 20 items Around Town.  
Manage without over 40 items in a medical kit.
Electronics. How to achieve a very compact and light Point-and-shoot travel kit. 
Light Compact Warm Clothes.
Washing on the road.
210 Letter/A 4 pages (equivalent to some 400 pages in a paperback) and 126 pictures.


Do you have the stamina to look around for a nice hotel?

Makeshift mousetrap made in 2 minutes. I got him! :)

3. Also 22 Miscellaneous Tips, Tricks and Makeshift Solutions for safer and smoother travel

E.g. Do It Yourself, DIY,  pick pocket guard. Makeshift "door knob alarm".    
41 Letter/A 4 pages and 37 pictures.

The Universal Shoe Sole. One pair of soles for your travels.

A must have for everybody! Buy now! It will take time to get your gear in order! 
Keep the information in your head - zero weight!

Get this e-book now! It will take time to get your gear in order!
Mainly for the dedicated light packer
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A Coaching?
The coaching via E-mail. If I have some suggestions I will answer up to 100 words. Your questions within 6 months of purchase and from your original email address please.

Customer comment
 From suitcase to briefcase. “This is great information and I appreciate your sharing it for such a small fee.” "They are good stuffs! Really opened my eyes.   "You have some interesting stories to tell and an entertaining way of telling them."  You've given more than I expected." "Very good value - photographs of your kit are excellent." I am just packing my Nano Case!  More.  

I think everybody who wants to pack lighter, or want to be able to put more functions in their luggage without increasing the weight, will find useful tips in these reports.
If you are not yet into Packing Ultra Compact you may find some extremes amusing, astonishing - entertaining.
The reports are crammed with tips, techniques and tactics that work for most people. I have traveled thousands of miles, some four around the world trips (I have lost count) I have been on the road for years - most of the time with less than 10 pounds, 4.5 kg, of luggage.

The 12 reports consists of some 305 Letter/A 4 pages (equivalent to some 600 pages in paperback format) and 188 pictures and illustrations.

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1. Over 20 novel ways* to beat the heat and UV radiation with science. Test your knowledge! 
If you apply a step per year you may not notice any climate warming.  :)
A Cooler Dress. Efficient Hand Fans and Umbrellas. Techniques.

Heat Relief Knowledge test!

It is 108 F, 42 C, under the clear sky near the equator at midday - it doesn't get much worse.

 The action time in comfort, with the outfit below left is, after leaving good AC, is, I say, a mere 10 minutes.

 How many outfit suggestions do you have for better temperature comfort?

  I have over twenty in my reports!
  Some are divided in several steps (which each gives a noticeable difference) like: "Wear short sleeve shirt." "Wear ...... shirt."
 For what you can't see, e.g. socks, assume the worst case in the circumstances. So don't assume Long johns.
  Each suggestion is worth about 0.8  degree F, or 0.4 degree C, drop in perceived temperature.
E.g. 6  suggestions=5 F, 3 C.
      10 suggestions=8 F, 4 C.
      20 suggestions=16 F, 8 C. 

My suggestions are sustainable techniques. It is not about some gadgets you have to regenerate in a freezer now and then.

Hopefully the suggestions will make hot places like the tropicts more accessible for more people.

I saw on TV the survival guy Bear Gryll
He headed out into the desert. He had to drink his own urine in a snake skin.
Had he worn the right color of dress and carried a couple of important survival items he may have made it without that drink. 
(As I wasn't there I don't know what he drank.)

A Cooler Dress. Efficient Hand Fans and Umbrellas. Techniques
  • 17 Novel Features of Cooler (Travel) Clothes. More         
  • Gear and techniques for more comfort in hot weather.
    • Super Cool/UV Umbrella. More   
    • Efficient Hand Fan.           More 
    • Cooling Techniques.         More  

Can makes the difference between feeling, looking, miserable or OK in the tropics, heatwaves, in sports etc. 

Don't become a Heat fatality story!  Don't get caught in a hot spot without the gear and knowledge.

A bargain at a Couple of Cents a Day if you sometimes are uncomfortable in hot weather.

Dress right. Feel and look fresher.  Have a more joyful experience.

Does anyone know how to handle a Heat Emergency under the Sun?

The mighty US Fed. Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, has guide lines for a Heat Emergency.  Is it possible for a non Rocket Scientist to add something to their guidelines regarding dress? My advice takes you 20 cooling steps, degree by degree, further! Some are techniques.

The equally mighty American Cancer Society ®  does tell you how to avoid sun induced skin cancer.

The information of these organizations is 100 % contradictory with respect to the suggested type of fabric in your clothes!

Learn how to handle hot and sunny weather! More

Had I only practiced FEMA's guidelines I might have given up visiting the tropics because of discomfort. Or I could be dead from heat stroke. 

Two reports: 72 Letter/A 4 pages and 36 pictures.

Beat the heat with the right dress, tools and techniques

Comfortable in the heat and everything in the pockets on a half month European tour.

For Heat Relief there are many steps you can apply. Twenty more than FEMA, see below, suggests.

* I am using FEMA's guidelines as the benchmark.

Eco Friendly. Eco Solution.
Less sweating means less showering and washing of clothes. Less need for air conditioning or electric fans. Less weight of clothes, typically half, means considerably less resources are needed for manufacturing, transport, washing and disposal.

"A comfort collection for the hot catwalk of life"

2. Master the art of packing light and compact! Put all in the pockets if you like!
Searching "how to pack light" gave 190 000 hits with Google.  "how to pack compact" gave no relevant hit. (July 2010)
Nomads have been concerned about the weight of their gear at least since Homo Habilis, 2 million years ago. Time has come for a new trend: Compactness.

Mentally approach the luggage selection problem from the 0 weight end! Not by reducing from the heap of "Can be useful".
Start with a basic luggage like below. Then adding an item from my How to Manage Without list, e. g. an ordinary shampoo bottle, may seem ridiculous.

Save $$$, time, sweat, hassle and the planet.
If this is the kick in the pants you need to pack lighter it is money well spent.
When you know how to travel with practically no luggage you can probably pack much lighter if you wish

Nano seize basic luggage! 1 oz, 30 g! 
A contender for world's smallest and most compact?

Click here for more images and captions

I don't suggest you go this far. It looked possible so I tried.
But when you have the knowledge you can pack really light.

No bag fees! No waiting for bags! No lost checked bags. Less taxis.

"Man shrinks luggage to 1 oz, 30 g"

No bag. Consider it solved.

Give your luggage US$ XX haircut!

World's lightest razor?  0.044 oz, 1.22 g

I was contacted by a man going minimalistic 

He mentioned the 100 things Challenge which I didn't know about. It has some in common with traveling with little gear. A difference is that a traveler can rely on the facilities at the accommodation:

  A room *. A bed. Toilette. Light **. Facility for washing yourself and you clothes. Soap. Towel. I think those are the 7 essentials. 

My total travel gear, including clothes and footwear, consists of from 24 items.

Ad those seven and I am at from 31 items when traveling.

* Or a tent - I have been sleeping in "hotel" tents a couple of times.

** The most basic was at the world class beach on Boracay, Philippines. My landlady brought a lit kerosene lamp to my bungalow when it got dark.

One customer mentioned quick evacuation kits - or Disaster supply kits as FEMA* calls them 

"For quick evacuation kits: Every bit of weight/volume saved is more room for food, water, and useful tools. Or a smaller/lighter kit so the evacuation is easier."

* FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency of USA

You may save US$ 1000 on things you don't need to buy and $$$ on taxis.

  • New! Weeks of travel with only the clothes on the back. A detailed report of the ups and downs. 
  • Ultra Compact, Nano, Luggage, 1 oz, 30 g.  More    
  • Manage without in luggage.                       
  • Ultra compact Gear for around town, 10 oz, 280 g.  More   
  • Manage without 20 items Around Town.            
  • Manage without 49 items in a medical kit. - save xx US$?  More, including previous  
  • How to achieve a really Compact Camera Travel Kit. More          
  • Light Compact  Warm Clothes  More 
  • Washing on the road.
  • Thinking outside the "only a carry-on bag"?
    This novel? approach is off course also useful for a day in town/nature. 

    Save US$ 1400, 10 flights, on checked-bag fees. Fees OK!

    Eco-friendly/solution as less resources are needed for manufacturing, transporting and disposal of luggage.

    Nine reports: 191 Letter/A 4 pages and 111 pictures.

    A family can easily fit their luggage in an iPod case or Altoids can.

    World's smallest and lightest body temperature thermometer?
    Weight .0014 oz, .04 g. 1.2 inch, 30 mm, long.

    World's smallest camera and phone battery charger?

    Size: 1.3 x 1.8 x 0.5 inch, 32 x 43 x 12 mm
    Weight: 0.5 ounce, 15 g

    Key ring, or necklace, wearable, luggage

    Match box luggage

    3. 22 miscellaneous Tips and Tricks including a warning.
    If you are an average traveler they are a bargain as a couple of the tips may ward off pickpocket attacks. 

    The Universal Shoe Sole. A common sole for your traveling shoes.

    I saved about 1 pound, 450 g, and plenty of volume, on two pair of shoes.   Do It Yourself instructions for easily detachable soles. More, incl.  images 

    The makeshift, 2 minutes, mousetrap, mentioned above. I got him!  Abstract

    The Warning
    Do you sleep extra tight when your hotel room door has one of these devices?  I don't without checking it. It sometimes has a serious flaw making it quite useless.

    Makeshift "door knob alarm" instantly made from room content. Basic Do It Yourself, DIY,  pick pocket guard - most travelers don't have it??? Razor blade artist pocket guard, even makeshift. A .1 oz, 3 g, substitute for the electric mosquito killer racket, great in malaria areas (enormous amounts of material etc are unnecessarily going into manufacturing 30 millions a year of the electric racket variety). Wash and dry in 1 hour, even without electricity. A 1 oz, 30 g, addition to .... makes it a good rain protector for hot climates.
    41 Letter/A 4 pages and 37 pictures

      The focus is on my travel style

    I stay in inexpensive hotels, eat in restaurants and travel the longer stretches by air. I am mostly in the hot tropics. - Back pack travel without the back pack.
      Some tips may be useful for hikers etc. too.

      I have no (expensive) brand clothing or gear. 
    Greener travel

    If you keep your luggage weight down you keep emissions of green house gases down as less energy is required to manufacture and transport your luggage.
      If you have a dress and accessories that keep you cooler when it is hot you need less AC and less washing is required leading to less use of water and washing powder resulting in less pollution of the environment.

    People who bought these reports also bought never bought  :) 
    Extreme ice skate sailing story and/or building instructions

    Top speed some 75 mph, 120 km/h. Sailor inside the wing. Probably the worlds fastest skate sail. Building and sailing instructions also available.  (I am the designer of this contraption.)


    Links to some related sites I liked

    Delights and minor problems with Google Sites pages    

    Email, Postal address & Telephone number.

    Things from my desk. Sailing boats I have raced and sailed. My cars. My humble abode. Water color drawings.

    100 MPH?, 160 km/h? My design High Speed Wing Skate Sail. Sailor in wing The only one in the world, as far as I know.
    This is a small area wing sail and should therefore be able to reach higher speeds before you are over powered.
      With this wing over powering should come around 100 mph, 160 km/h. 
    Wing still in modification and testing phase - and right high speed conditions are very rare - about once a year. 
    My Four Record Speed sailing projects
    My skate sailing page  

    75 MPH, 120 km/h. My design Course Racing Wing Skate Sail 
    I think I was first to show that skate sailing in wings is much faster that its predecessor with the sailor standing to leeward of a fabric sail. Top speed is some 75 MPH, 120 km/h. That is 30% faster than its predecessor. 
    Photo: The wing hangs on the shoulders and I wear ice skates. 
    It sails 4 times faster than the wind.
    Some 100 have been built world wide. I have designed, built and raced some twenty of these wings.
    My Wing skate sailing page 

    Small boat sailing to Iceland on the cold northern Atlantic Ocean
    Sailed with a friend, Lennart Berglund, in his 28 ft boat. A very rewarding three months trip: From Stockholm, east coast Sweden, Kiel Canal in Germany, west of England, Scotland, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, (from there by airplane to Greenland, Kulusuk), Shetland Islands, Norway, Goeta Canal from west to east through Sweden, Stockholm.
       At night 39 F, 4 C, approaching Iceland. 
    On the west coast of England we got a Gale Warning. As the nearest port we had a chart for was Liverpool we headed there. (As charts were expensive then, USD20, we only had a few). We got in before the storm hit.... 

    Boats that I have sailed and raced
     A C-class sailing canoe (local Swedish design). An Elvström Trapetz two man dinghy. A Star Boat. Two Tornado Catamarans, once an Olympic class. Two Laser dinghies.When I sold my first Tactical Compass, Ansar 1, to sailors I was engaged as a tactician on a 6 m R-yacht and a very successful Scampi Half Ton Class, Lady Luck.
    Photo. Camping trip in a Laser Dinghy This was on large Lake Saimaa in Finland for half a month with a friend in his dinghy.
    Freelance photography and writing. E.g. my E-Book: 100 steps to Ultra Light  Luggage and Less Heat Stress
    Photo: No-Bag-Travel. All in the pockets for weeks! 
    After decades of traveling light on the world's hot roads in sixty countries, several circumnavigations, minimizing, testing and eliminating gear - finding ways to manage without, I have writen the above E-Book.

    My Tactical Compasses for Sail Racing.
    Wind shifts At-A-Glance
    Animation: The position of the central pointer gives you the wind shift information At-A-Glance! Wind is here from the right.  "It helped me to gain at least three or four places in each major regatta", writes Ed Baird, about the Ansar 1 compass.
    Other famous buyers are Iain Murray, Australia, Peter Norlin, Sweden.

    The view from my humble abode in central Stockholm, Sweden. Beyond the water, a bay, lies the Karlberg Palace. The bay is connected to the seven oceans. There is a public small wooden jetty just outside my abode so you can arrive by boat for a visit. 
      The construction of the palace started 1634. (I just saw that the construction of Taj Mahal (which I have visited some three times) started 1632.)

    Me in my first car, a MGA 1959.

    Me in my first car, a MGA 1959. Bought second hand around 1961, when I was 19 years old. Nice British job. Top speed 93 mph, 150 km/ h. 72 hp. It came with a Hard Top - came handy in the cold and snowy winter conditions in Stockholm, Sweden.
    I was lucky - it was bought with an inheritance from an aunt. Thank you very much Auntie! She sadly passed away at a relatively young age. Video of nicely restored MGA. Full car spec here.

    My second car, so far the last, was the very powerful British Jaguar Mk II, 3.4 litre, 1962. 120 mph, 200 km/h, with a 210 hp engine. "The 3.8 litre Mk II had outstanding performance and was for a long time the fastest production saloon car in the world." 
      At the back of the front seats were little fold down tables - appreciated by my friends when they had a drink. A girlfriend wasn't apparently at all impressed by the car - she thought it was a ca 1950 Volvo Taxi, 90 hp. Video of driving  Jaguar Mk II at full speed.  My Jaguar car full spec here

    Jaguar Mk II, 3.4 litre, 1962. Mine was black and did not have wire wheels.

    My water  colored drawing of my Star Class sailboat.   
    Illustrating an  article, in the Swedish boating magazine Båtnytt (for which I wrote many articles illustrated with my photos),

    My water  colored drawing, River Nile Felucca. 
    Illustrating an  article, in the Swedish boating magazine Båtnytt (for which I wrote many articles illustrated with my photos), together with the Star Class sail boat about my sail on the River Nile, Egypt. Both are light wind boats with plenty of sail area.

     My water colored drawing, Bamboo tourist accomodation hut. 
    Viewed from my hut, on Lamai Beach, island Koh Samui, Thailand, which I have visited many times. Cirka 1990. Later huts were changed for more solid ones. 

    My water colored drawing, Young coconut tree. 
    Maybe drawn in Indonesia. I sent copies of the drawing to several friends - with the warning: Don't make the same mistake as some of Gauguin's friends - throw it away - or your decendants may miss a fortune. :) 
    (My note: Latest version of this table is here on IW page, 29 June 2018) 

    News. Ryanair and Wizz Air New bag policy, Nov. 2018. Size of free carry-on bag Ryanair: 16 x 8 x 10 inches, 40 x 20 x 25 cm = 20 liters. Wizz Air slightly bigger. That is little! I  am just trying it on a 6 week visit on Bali, Indonesia. I have tried two varieties of very little or no luggage before: I traveled with: Only the clothes on the back and All in the pockets!  See below. Typical carry-on have three times this volume.

    To my Home page.

    Email, Postal address & Telephone number.  

    Copyright © 2009-2018 Anders Ansar. All rights reserved. You are welcome to use pictures and words, uncommercially, as long as you include a link to my pages.

    Modified Nov. 2018. 

    I put in some search words here for my:
    English readers: Heatwave
    German readers: Leichtes und kompaktes Reisegepäck. Ultra Kompakt, Leicht. Rucksacktourist.
    Spanish readers: Cómo viajar sin equipaje. Equipaje portátil de bolsillo: 10 oz, 280 g. Cuál equipo de seguridad personal se debe portar siempre? Cómo eliminar más de 20 artículos de su equipaje. Cómo armar un botiquín de viaje con menos de 40 artículos. Equipo electrónico: cómo armar un kit de viaje compacto y ligero para fotografía y video. Ropa ligera y compacta para mantener el calor. Cómo lavar la ropa durante el viaje.
    Equipage ligero, Ultra compacto eqipage, Ropa para mantenerte fresco. Equipos electronicos compactos. Roba compacte que te mantiene caliento. Mochilero.
    Portuguese readers: Bagagem leve. Bagagem ultra compacto. Roupa fresca. Artigos electronicos compactos. Roupa quente compacta.
    Italian readers: Bagaglio leggero. Ultra compatto. Vestiti freschi. Articoli electronici compatti. Vestiti caldi compatti. Altri viaggiatori, invece, fanno direttamente a meno della valigia. Anders Ansar viaggia in zone tropicali portando con sé solo i vestiti che ha addosso: sandali, camicia e un paio di pantaloni con quattro tasche molto capienti. In tasca porta circa trenta oggetti, alcuni modificati apposta per diventare più compatti.
    Invece del maglione (400 grammi, troppo pesante) preferisce una maglia in tessuto isolante da 100 grammi.
    Swedish readers: Packa lätt, lättpackning, res lätt, endast handbagage, ultra lätt, super lätt, svala kläder och tillbehör, packa ultra kompakt, kompakta varma kläder, Mer än sex tips
    kompakta kläder för värme, du kan göra din reseelektronik kompaktare, blandade restips.

    Readers with dogs - I see when searching sunstroke and heatstroke
    on internet that many dogs die of heat. One suggestion is to shadow the dog with a carried or attached variety of my Super Cool Umbrella.