Math, Calculus, Physics & Mechanical Engineering Tutor

Dec 2009 trip to Mt. Phangran Razi, Putao, Kachin State

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Lifelong Study, Openness, Discovery, Logical Reasoning


 This is Shein. I live in north Surrey near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This site is about my current work as a tutor for school and college physics, math, calculus (1, 2 , 3), ordinary differential equations, linear algebra,  engineering mechanics, thermodynamics, strength of materials, basic engineering projects, etc. 

I have been helping high school and university students with above mentioned subjects since 2009 in Vancouver area, BC.  At the time being I am doing mostly online tutoring using zoom or skype. Possibility of in person tutoring can be discussed on need.

I work  with students on:

- About us in relation with the environment and other life forms

- The body of knowledge we are going to explore

- Logical reasoning and proof

- Understanding models, theory, laws, formula, their applications along with conditions and limitations

- Problem descriptions, determining the knowledge needed to improve the solution(s)

- Problem solving strategy, defining a solution, deduction and creative ideas

- Looking at things and events from different points of view

- Use of resources, research, demonstrations with examples

- Learning skills

- Preparation for exams and tests

- Discussion for further study and works


Phone: +1-778-389-0800

Email: sheinli [at] yahoo [dot] com

Please text me first because I receive a lot of spam calls. Or you can send email to me.