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Dec 2009 trip to Mt. Phangran Razi, Putao, Kachin State

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Lifelong Study, Openness, Discovery, Logical Reasoning


This is Shein. I live in north Surrey near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This site is about my travels and photos, my works as Mechanical engineer, sailor (Marine engineer), tutor (Physics, Math, Calculus I, II, III, Differential equations, Linear algebra, Real analysis, Engineering Mechanics, Thermodynamics, etc.), special adventure & cultural trip leader, and about my community & education projects.

I have been helping high school and university students with math, calculus, physics and mechanical engineering subjects since 2009 in Vancouver area, BC. Right now I have students seeing me in Surrey central library, SFU Surrey campus and at my place as well as online using Skype. Using Internet I can connect with international students, read their study materials and help them to succeed in their professional development, and to become contributing citizens of the world.

I am able to work (discuss) with students on:

- About us in relation with the environment and other life forms

- The body of knowledge we are going to explore

- Logical reasoning and proof

- Understanding models, theory, laws, formula, their applications along with conditions and limitations

- Problem descriptions, determining the knowledge needed to improve the solution(s)

- Problem solving strategy, defining a solution, deduction and creative ideas

- Looking at things and events from different points of view

- Use of resources, research, demonstrations with examples

- Learning skills

- Preparation for exams and tests

- Discussion for further study and works

Phone: +1-778-389-0800

Email: sheinli [at] yahoo [dot] com

Please text me first because I receive a lot of spam calls. Or you can send email to me.