Drivers Education

The Shenendehowa Drivers Education Program is offered during the fall, spring and summer terms by Bell's Driving School

Instructor: Jim Ordon

Driver Ed - FALL 2019

Course Dates: September 21, 2019 - January 31, 2020

Orientation Meeting: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 (HS East - Auditorium at 3:00pm)

Course Fee: $435

Registration Period: August 19, 2019 - September 6, 2019

Schedules will be posted to the student portal a few days before the orientation meeting.

Registration Forms: Available to print - see below (Registration Form, Information Sheet & Calendar).

Driver Ed - SUMMER 2019

(Currently in session.)

5 Chelsea Place, Clifton Park, NY 12065



  • Rebecca Carman, Director of Policy and Community Development
  • Julie Keene, Administrative Assistant
  • Kim Pottenburgh, Community Education Assistant


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REGISTRATION FORMS AND COURSE INFORMATION - click on each document below to print:

  • KEY DATES: (A class calendar is included with your registration materials)


The course consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction and 24 hours of in-car instruction. Upon completion of the program, students receive both the Five Hour Certificate and the MV-285 Certificate used for insurance reduction and license upgrade.

As part of this 48-hour program, the student receives 24 hours of classroom instruction and 24 hours of in-car instruction (18 hours of in-car observation, and 6 hours of actual behind-the-wheel instruction). Students must pass both portions of instruction, driving and classroom, to receive the certificate of completion. In the six hours we will be working with your son or daughter behind the wheel, we cannot hope to satisfactorily prepare him/her for the New York State Road Test or make him/her an accomplished driver. Those skills are attained through practice and experience on the road. It is essential, therefore, that we have your assistance in providing as much practice time as possible for your son/daughter to drive the family car. We strongly suggest that all students obtain adequate out-of-school practice in addition to the driving and observation time provided in the driver education program Attendance is extremely important and all students must read and sign the attendance and behavior policy page. If you know you will have to miss any classes for any reason, wait and take the course during another session. Classes are offered in the fall, spring and summer terms. It is extremely difficult to attain the necessary hours to complete the program should a student miss any classes. The program coordinator must approve all make-up sessions. These will only be approved in extreme circumstances; for example, emergency hospitalization.

The goal of our program is to equip your son/daughter with the fundamental knowledge, correct operational habits, essential skills and the proper attitude for survival on our highways. After successful completion of our program, your son/daughter will be issued an MV-285 Certificate of Completion. This certificate will allow them to convert their junior license to a class D license when they are 17 years of age. This conversion allows students to drive after 9:00pm. It may also reduce the cost of your insurance premium depending on the policies of your insurance company.


The Shenendehowa Driver Education Program is only offered to Shen students! Students are enrolled on a first come-first-serve basis by class, beginning with seniors. The course is open to all Shenendehowa students age 16 and up; non-Shen students (who reside in the district) are accepted only if openings remain.

Students must have a valid learner's permit by the beginning of the program and practice driving at least three hours per week.


Students are required to complete 24 hours of in-classroom instruction and 24 hours of in-car instruction, therefore, perfect attendance is required. Should an emergency arise, please contact your in-car instructor or your classroom instructor; and they will arrange a make-up class. However, accommodations can only be made for emergencies. Should a student miss more than two classes, a certificate will not be issued and refunds will not be possible.

Five Hour Certificates:

A five-hour certificate will be issued after all of the required topics have been covered. This generally requires five to six class sessions.

Lost Certificates:

Please keep all certificates issued in a safe place. Driver Education certificates must be signed and the certificate numbers are registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. As a result, acquiring a duplicate certificate requires preparation of another certificate and re-registering with NYS DMV. This is a lengthy process and may involve an additional fee.