Advances in Gas-Ion Microscopy

The 3rd International Workshop of the PicoFIB Network

The University of Sheffield, 20.1.2020

Almost 40 international academics, researches and PhD students from 15 different universities and institutes gathered together in the Diamond building, the University of Sheffield, for the third international workshop of the PicoFIB Network to share and explore the latest developments and application of helium, neon and xenon FIB technologies.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Shane Cybart, The Oxide Nano Electronics Laboratory, University of California Riverside, USA: "Helium Ion Beam Modification of High Transition Temperature Superconducting Materials"

Dr Shinichi Ogawa, Nanoelectronics Research Institute, AIST, Japan: "Applications of the Helium Ion Microscopy to Graphene Nano-patterning and Cell Observation"

Dr Tom Wirtz, The Advanced Instrumentation for Ion-Nano Analytics group, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology: "Analytical Capabilities on FIB Using SIMS: Applications, Current Developments and Prospects"

Research Themes

  • Correlative nano-analytics, nano-spectroscopy and gas-ion SIMS
  • Materials and device applications of gas-ion FIB
  • Fundamentals and modelling of gas ion-solid interactions
  • Advances in gas-ion microscopy instrumentation
  • Optimising gas-species (He, Ne, Ar, N, Xe) FIB
  • Optimising methodologies – tips & tricks
(Bottom right) Dr Peter Gnauck from Zeiss closed the workshop with his presentation on SIM applications on the Orion NanoFab.

Meeting Organisers

Sheffield NanoLAB (The University of Sheffield) and other PicoFIB Network partners

PicoFIB partner universities


The Leverhulme Trust, Carl Zeiss AG

PicoFIB 2020 sponsors

Any questions?

Please contact Network Coordinator: Kirsi Leinonen, k.e.leinonen [at]