Wireless Printing

You can access wireless printing in Burke Library at the following URL:

Be aware of your print quota.

Check your print quota at

  • SHC students have $70 at the beginning of the Fall Semester for the current school year.

  • Print costs

    • $.10 to print black and white

    • $.50 to print color

  • More print quota can be added using cash or a check at the Help Desk or Circulation desk.

Printing Tips

Manage your Print Quota

PowerPoint Slides

  1. Print your PowerPoint Slides as Handouts instead of printing individual slides.

  2. In PowerPoint, go to File then Print.

  3. Under Print What, select the down arrow and choose Hand Outs.

  4. Under Color/grayscale, select the down arrow and choose Grayscale.

  5. Under Handouts, choose from 2 to 6 slides per page and select OK.

Print specific pages

  • Maybe you don't need all 10 pages of a document or Web site. Select to print only those pages you really want.

  • Before hitting print, select Print Preview and enter the page range of the pages you want, then hit Print.

Look for a print-friendly option

  • Many pages, both on this Web site and others, will provide a way to print without the graphics, ads, or other unwanted parts. Look for an icon or link that says Printable Version, Print Friendly, or just Print.

Save or Email a document

  • Save the document to your email or M drive and view it from your dorm room.

  • Ask your instructor if the document can be emailed instead of printing it out.