for JPN1


Students will be able to
  • learn mechanical parts of Japanese.
  • learn how to use each particle differently.


Students will be able to
  • describe simple desires.
  • use more particles.
Students will be able to
  • greet and introduce themselves in a culturally appropriate way,
  • describe their preference (likes & dislikes), and
  • talk a few things about Morikawa-sensei.
Students will be able to
  • pronounce various words in Japanese.
  • describe their preferences & skills, and
  • ask simple questions about preferences & skills.
Students will be able to
  • practice hiragana A & Ka lines' pronunciations,
  • recognize each letters from both lines, and
  • practice words using A & Ka-lines.
Students will be able to
  • recognize (& act upon) class instructions,
  • ask simple WH questions about classmates, and
  • introduce themselves with new info (age & school grade)

Essential vocabulary for

  • Hiragana, A-TA lines

Essential vocabulary for

  • describing desires

  • popular items & foods

  • names of shops / stores

  • key phrases for shopping & dinning

  • adjectives for making comments

Essential vocabulary for

  • counting Japanese and US currencies

Essential vocabulary for

  • talking about Morikawa-sensei

  • greetings

  • expressing likes & dislikes

  • comprehending class instructions

Essential vocabulary for

  • expressing what you like & dislikes

  • Foods / Sports / Hobbies

Essential vocabulary for

  • counting numbers

  • extending self-intro with more info

  • asking WH questions

  • exchanging questions

Essential vocabulary for

  • Hiragana A line & Ka line with stroke orders

  • Words using Hiragana A & Ka lines

Grammar Notes